Myanmar Bbc Profile

Bbc Myanmar Profile

Who' going to help myanmar's rohingya bbc hellip. Burma wikipedia..Myanmar country profile bbc news. Posted in BBC Asia News.

Unemployment in Liberia (BBC country profile and chronology of major events in Liberia): BBC introduces Aung San Suu Kyi.


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Zargarnar's BBC radio programme | Myanmar's greatest live actor | Art and forensic campaigner

Burma's greatest live actor is Zarganar, but he's much more than that. Zarganar presents ABBC Radio 4 and explores how he has used his unparalleled humour and performances to promote free speech and people. Zarganar, a Burmese politician, was a strong critic of Burmese general leaders, who imprisoned him several occasions, five of them in isolation, for detecting their crime and violating people.

In Burma, Rex Bloomstein silently interrogated Zarganar in 2007 for a movie about free speech. Zarganar was then excluded from any kind of art work. Now Bloomstein is traveling to Burma in an open invitation to conduct an open Qarganar interviews in his home state. Tsarganar is continuing to use his singularly satirical voice as the countrys unsafe road to democratisation is underway.

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