Myanmar Bbc News Video

Bbc Myanmar News Video

The Rohingya (Bangalis) have not been in Myanmar for centuries. Burmese policemen arrested on Rohingya beatings video - BBC News. Clive Myrie from BBC News reports from Bangladesh. Some will never have the chance to return to Myanmar. City of sin in Myanmar, where anything is possible.

"Cruingya crisis: from Myanmar's fiery town"

Rakhine et comment le gouvernement anglais peut se tromper... The Islam conquers the whole wide globe! In Myanmar, too. Except for the civilized realm, they've got them all dressed up. Our rakking kids are killing terrorist like you?

They' re in Myanmar, where they' re all Asians, not Africans. They were all dark until the white wicked government took them over.

The China-Myanmar Petroleum Line and the Belt and Road Initiative

An attempt to "ensure good skills in Denmark" has aroused fear of Islamophobia. Authority threats spreading to the Pacific have been an issue lately - but not for Australia via Nauru. This new National Action Plan must take into consideration the development of women's empowerment in situations of war.

Newspaper from BBC Myanmar in prison for brawl with policemen | World News

One BBC journalist was detained in Myanmar for three month with forced labor after being sentenced to have attacked a cop when he reported students protesting, his defense attorney said. There was a skirmish between Nay Myo Lin and the cop after the officers who stood in the center of a convoy pushed a man off a motorcycle, said Thein Than Oo, the defender, Reuters.

BBC and the reporter's attorney, Thein Than Oo, said there would be an appeals. Yangon, Myanmar's biggest town, was detained in the course of a student walk in the month of Mar. 2016 against an educational law that they said would suffocate academia. After a brutal shattering by the cops, the walk reached its goal.

I', the journalist said, added that'the policemen must have exerted extra peerage on the courts' to impose a three-month prison term. Colonel Zaw Khin Aung of the head office in Naypyitaw refused. "It' not possible for the cops to control the courts.

The Myanmar Interior Department, which is directly under the control of the military force, monitors both the law enforcement and the justice system.

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