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The VOA is a multimedia news organization with radio, Burmese and Burmese. Troops accused of raping Rohingya women - BBC News. Troops accused of raping Rohingya women - BBC News. We' re providing you with the current and new Biss Key Code for BBC Sport.

MYANMAR' s US Governor Htin Kyaw retires

Myanmar Mayor Htin Kyaw has stepped down and is to be retired. In 2016, Htin Kyaw was under oath as the country's first ever presidential candidate following groundbreaking election campaigns that ended ten decade of warfare. However, he was basically a solemn ruler, with long-time head of the regime Aung San Suu Kyi as de facto dean.

Htin Kyaw's declaration published on the Presidency's Facebook page states that she "wants to take a break". Vice Chairman Myint Swe, a former general, would serve as Chairman until a new Chairman is elected within seven working day. Suu Kyi, who was imprisoned for years under the Burmese Army Junior, was excluded from the top jobs.

She was her teenage girlfriend, long-time consultant and driving instructor. Almost 700,000 Muslim Rohingya have escaped the Myanmar force since August, in the midst of a violent repression triggered by lethal assaults on policing posts. With her immediate pledge to stand "above the president" and exercise all actual powers, she ruffles up all the necessary clout.

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