Myanmar Bbc new today 2016

New in Myanmar Bbc today 2016

BBC's Jonathan Head is located in Maungdaw, Rakhine, Myanmar, where Rohingya has fled. Allies Forgotten was featured in the BBC news today, check out the whole article by following this link! Register today and save up to 84% of the cover price. It is the 7th anniversary of the renewed war in the Kachin region. Myanmar's leader since April 2016 is Aung San Suu Kyi.

The BBC - BBC Burmese in Rangoon to express young people's expectation of the new state.

At a premiere for the program and with the new Myanmar government taking power on April 1, over 100 young Yangonese will speak directly to a group of professionals, policy makers and campaigners. - And I' m Shwe Htoo, a Myanmar butcher. The BBC Myanmar will reach 6.9 million viewers every month (2015).

BBC Burma Facebook page has over 4.8 million supporters (March 2016).

Burma tension: Numerous deaths in a military assault on Rakhine

Fighters' assaults on Myanmar state border guards in Myanmar killed 71 men, 12 of whom were military forensics. Over 20 poles were aimed by Moslem militarists in pre-dusk robberies, the goverment said, in Rakhine's worse violent action for months. 12 of them were aimed by Muslims. The state of Rohingya in the west of Myanmar is home to more than one million Rohingya Muslims.

Clashes with the vast majority of Buddhists have been going on for years, and ten thousand of Rohingya have escaped to Bangladesh, blaming the Myanmar administration for racial harassment. Bengali " is the word used by the Bengali administration to describe Rohingya who is without a state, claiming to be Bangladeshi migrants. According to the administration, one trooper, one immigration official, 10 police officers and 59 fighters were murdered in the wars.

Up to 150 fighters are said to have been in it. Bangladesh's frontier police said he sent back 350 Rohingya who have been trying to get to Bangladesh since the muggings. She also said that safety along the borders was improved after the bombings. It is the most significant eruption of force in Rakhine since October 2016, when nine police officers were killed in similar assaults on frontier sentries.

Goverment said they were conducted by a previously unidentified Rohingya group. These raids sparked a battleground raid that resulted in widely held accusations of killing, raping and torturing Rohingya and an expedition from Rohingya to Bangladesh. Myanmar's impoverishedest state, says the UN.

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