Myanmar Bbc new today 2016

New in Myanmar Bbc today 2016

Nick Beake of the BBC evades brutal military repression during a visit to the Myanmar scene. Barack Obama promises to lift all sanctions against Myanmar. The election victory of a poet over a former general speaks of a new Myanmar. 3 permissions the BBC Media Player app asks for are: We must celebrate Myanmar's diversity.

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It is 4.3m (14ft) high and 5.8m (19ft) long and has an approximate value of $170m (£140m). Myanmar, also known as Burma, is the fountain of almost all of the best jadeite in the whole wide underworld. The neighboring China is one of its largest marketplaces, where it is known as the "Stone of Heaven".

Burma chooses Htin Kyaw as first civil presidency in centuries

Aung San Suu Kyi, whose National League for Democracy (NLD) won the historical November election, is a strong supporter of Htin Kyaw. His nomination was "Aung San Suu Kyi's victory," he said. MEP Htin Kyaw won in both chambers of the House with 360 of the 652 ballots received, and MEPs applauded the results.

"Sieg! That is the triumph of Sr. Aung San Suu Kyi. Thanks," said Htin Kyaw after the win. Eventually, the end outcome was just as anticipated, with a slippery win for Ms. Suu Kyi's husband, Htin Kyaw. He is considered a hard-liner as a strong associate of former Than Shwe, former head of the regime.

Htin Kyaw's Henry Van Thio, who received 79 voices, followed him. Elections are made from the nominations of each of the two parliaments and a third nomination of the caucus. Who' s Htin Kyaw? Ms. Suu Kyi's closest associate is Htin Kyaw, 70.

A leading member of the Daw Khin Kyi Foundation, which was established in honor of Suu Kyi's deceased mom, he was often seen alongside the NLD guide, who served as her rider from there. There is a large NLD in both chambers of the House, despite the 25% seat occupation by the army, so that the nominee it supported could almost certainly be a winner.

In spite of week-long negotiations before the referendum, the NLD was not able to convince the NLD to withdraw or terminate the provision so that Ms Suu Kyi could take over.

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