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Mentioning my wonderful culinary experience in Myanmar, I answer either with a giggle of disbelief or a giggle of wonder. The Bangkok Hospital Office, Myanmar, Yangon, Myanmar. Her romantic Thai honeymoon begins with a ride through Bangkok's old town, ending with cocktails in a restaurant by the river. The trip takes us through some of Myanmar's less frequented areas. Part of Bangkok Stem Cell in Myanmar is Parents' Best Choice Company Limited.

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Bangkok from the city? Anybody know if there's a coach from Bangkok to the city? Bangkok from the city? Bangkok from the city? There is no coach from Bangkok to Bangkok, but it is possible from Almalay to Thuringia. Bangkok from the city?

There''s no shuttle service between the 2....You can catch an airport shuttle on the Myanmar side from Yangon to Myawaddy, on the Thai side of the boarder, then another shuttle service on the Thai side from Mae Sot to Bangkok..... Yangon to Bangkok by coach? Yangon to Bangkok by coach? I want to drive it in early 2017 as the new street on the Burma side is open; how simple is it to switch between the Mae Sot intersection check points?

Take a Yangon to Bangkok coach? very easy....everything above...there is no'no man' country near Mae Sot to Myawaddy just cross the viaduct over the canal. Thailand immigration on one side of the viaduct, Burma on the other. Yangon to Bangkok by coach? Yangon to Bangkok buses? also......if you choose to use the stock taxi, they are waiting on the road not far from Burma's immigration department.

Yangon to Bangkok coach? yes, there is a Yangon to BBK coach (or otherwise) !! I am here because I wonder about an interurban road between Bangkok and Yangon.

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Mentioning my marvelous Myanmar cooking experiences, I answer either with a giggle of unbelief or a giggle of wonder. Myanmar foods are - generally - an unused foods processing sector and are generally misconstrued. It' much more than filthy road cooking (although there is, and in Thailand too), but Myanmar cooking is beautifully crisp and earthy, with complicated texture and tropical flavours that differ from state to state.

Nearly a year ago The Evening Standard published "Why Myanmar cooking is to be London hit London's hotest grocery trend" and only recently an under ground grocery show took place in New York. KAT: Ma Sabai began to help in the galley since she was a little maid who peed clothes, onion, and vegetable.

BKF: Why the name Ma Sabai's Kitchen? KAT: Ma Sabai's (mah sa-bae's or jasmine blossom in Burmese) cuisine began with a nostalgia that turned into a dream to share a savoury, Myanmar and southwestern Tai meal that was made with the best of all MSG FREEs.

Ma Sabai's Cooking delivers only the best and most genuine Myanmar and Southwestern Tai cooking straight to your indoors. BKF: Why did you two choose to open a Myanmar lunch? She' s always liked having folks eating her meals. But the years went by and with her still vivid passions she wanted to return and came to the conclusion that a supply of goods can only be expanded faster for Myanmar foods.

In many other towns such as New York and London we have also seen a tendency in Myanmar's kitchen. BKF: What do you think is misinterpreted about Thai cuisines? KAT: Well, as a half Thai Chinese, Myanmar-iric, yes, I think it has been misinterpreted in Thailand for too long and it's certainly that we all have an open spirit for other kinds of cooking in the Southeast Asia area.

But we are very pleased that more and more restaurants are establishing themselves in Thailand. Any misunderstanding would be more of a culture distinction, but the flavour would be filthy, too greasy and not bold enough to try new kinds of cooking. BKF: Would you say that you are the first to do this in Bangkok?

KAT: We can say yes, but in various aspects, such as first only for supply, MSG FREI, homemade and only with high value products. However, if we are generally the first to introduce Myanmar cooking, then we are not the first. BKF: Would you say that many believe that Thai is outnumbered by Yan?

BKF: Do you describe what you think is the real gourmet roots and flavor of Burma's Cuisines? KAT: Real gastronomic roots and the flavor of Myanmar gastronomy, big issues indeed........ Myanmar is a blend of cuisines and a hint of South East Asia flavours. Also, when she grew up with Ma Sabais kitchen, her Myanmar meals were prepared with only the very best fresh produce and ardor.

BKF: What are the main distinctions to Asian cuisine? The main flavor differentiation is that Burma eating is more salty/spicy than sweet/spicy like Thailand. BKF: In your opinion, what took so long for Thailand's population to become interested in eating Myanmarese?

KAT: We would say it' s a strict tradition in the way Ma Sabai was raised, but we want to refine the label to a more contemporary touch by using environmentally friendlier groceries and being an on-line supply store. BKF: Will you adjust the seasoning and flavour to the Thai one?

BKF: Do you ship to all areas of Bangkok? BKF: What do you expect from the commercial launch of Burma's foods? KAT: We are hoping to gain a better grasp of Burma and southwestern Tai cooking and a better opportunity for humans to discover their tasting nerves in a more Burma and southwestern Tai home cooking.

BKF: Do you want to make a difference about Burma's cooking in Thailand and how? KAT: Yes, we definitely think that Burma's cooking has been rated negative without a shot. However, with global tendencies, appreciation and recognition of Burma's cultural heritage, their cooking is increasingly valued and eaten.

We' re very pleased that our supply service will make us one of the world' s leading gastronomic phenomena and that we will be able to extend into the gastronomy sector in the near term.

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