Myanmar Backpacking Itinerary

Backpacking Myanmar Itinerary

It is possible to see most of Myanmar's highlights in one week. How cheap is Myanmar? A backpacking tourism. Explore Myanmar in its true beauty before it's too late! Tell Mingalabar (hello) to Myanmar!

Burma Backpacking travel guide: 2 - 3 wks

It is not always simple to plan a journey to a particular destination if you have no clue which places to go to and what to see and do. This is a complete tour of what we did on our journey to Myanmar. The journey can last from 2-3 week, according to how quickly you want to go.

I understand that all nations need a visas before they can travel to Myanmar. To travel to Myanmar by road, you must first apply for a visas in your identity card by contacting the Myanmar Ambassador in your home or neighboring state. Costs for the visas were only $25 - half the price of what it is on-line.

In order to get to Myanmar, we made a very long, 38-hour tricky trip from Vientiane, Laos, to Yangon. Yangon: Swedagon Necklace - The Necklace is an icon of Myanmar. Yangon taxis are relatively inexpensive. Admission to the pit stop is $8 per passenger. This was one of our most unforgettable experiences in Myanmar.

You can see how the locals are living on the trains. Ciy Yangon and Nineteenth Road - At nights, Nineteenth Road is the most crowded food and drink area. Myanmar's backpacking numbers are modest, but for those who come, 19 th Strait is the place to be.

During the exploration we came across a fun market where we could buy lunch, gamble in the amusement park and enjoy a glass of Moroccan tee. Films with the locals - There are many cinemas in Myanmar. Bagan: Old Temple of Bagan - This is evident; the vast majority of Myanmar's tourists will come to see the old one.

Prior to entry into the archaeological site of Bagan, visitors must declare a state duty. When you are fortunate enough to be in Bagan during the ballooning period, you can also see a magic sensation hovering over the temple in a warm aeroplane. The Jasmine Lacquer Goods Factory - Lacquerware is a speciality in Bagan.

When we arrived, we asked if we could take a walk around the place that the folks at the desktop liked to agree to. It was totally free, but we made sure that the nice man who took the chance to show us around with so much enthusias. Sightseeing - As we walked the roads, a locals asked us where we were going.

It took us to a tasty restaurant in India and assisted us in ordering our meals. He and his boyfriend (Mynt) came to pick us up the next morning and spend the whole afternoon with us to show us some of the area' s places and tell us its story. It included an excursion to a nearby convent, a bronzeskulpture, a statuette of marbles, an old fortress, a leg brigde and some churches.

It was a very instructive trip and our guide gave us so much information about Burma's people. Each of the tours costs amounted to 20.000 kyats and it was profitable! Go down to the natives and help the community outfit, Yadanarbon. Admission costs are very low - I can't exactly recall how much, but I think it was about 2,000 Kie.

lnle lake: Sightseeing of the Bagan Sea - As in Bagan, you must prepay a state admission fee before arrival in the Inle area. But the costs of the taxes in Inle Lake are slightly lower at 12,500 Kyat. The scenery at Inle Lake itself is breathtaking and offers amazing photography.

There are many different tourshops where you can make your daily outing. A speedboat will take you around the pond and the swimming community. For both of us, the overall costs of the journey were 20,000 Kyat. Cycle around the small city of Nyuang Shwe, north of the Inle lake, by bike.

Renting a normal bike for the whole days costs only 1,500 Kyat and it is a great way to see the city and its attractions. Kyat is the indigenous language (pronounced chat). As of the date of this letter, the foreign rate is 1,700 Kyat to 1 . You can see that ATMs are finite throughout Myanmar.

But Myanmar is now beginning to learn about the latest technology and we had no problems to find working ATM' at any of the targets above. Burma was slightly more pricey than the remainder of SEA. Homestels are not widespread in Myanmar (2016), the only place we know there are a few in Yangon.

Eat and drink: Cuisine on the streets and restaurants are within walking distance. The price of drinking beers is between 1,000-3,000 cyat. Yangon-Bagan's nightsleeping coach on the JJ train cost 18,000 cents. At 6 pm the evening coach departed from the coach station Aung Mingalar and reached Bagan at 4 am.

We would have had the simplest way to Aung Mingalar coach terminal to get in a cab for 10,000 Kie. But we chose the smaller one, which costs less than 1,000 Kie. Upon your arrival in Bagan, you will be welcomed by many cabbies who will offer to take you directly to your lodging.

Probably either in New Bagan, Old Bagan or Nyaung & Bagan - Mandalay - We took a 6-hour coach from Bagan to Mandalay. We took the coach from the central train yard directly to Mandalay. Expenditure for the coach tickets was 12,000 Kyat. On arrival at the Mandalay terminus there are many tuk-tuks to take you to your lodging.

Costs for the tuk-tuk depend on the length of your travel. From Mandalay - Inle Lake - We took an 8 hour daily shuttle from Mandalay to Inle Lake. Expenditure on the voyage was 16,000 Kyat. We took a overnight coach from Inle Lake to Yangon.

It was 24,000 kyats and lasted 10 hours. We got off at the Yangon terminal. Be careful - the road between Inle Lake and Yangon is winding and if you are slightly ill you should take a small polybags. Youth Hotel Agga (12th Street, Yangon) - One of the few places with bedrooms.

Nyaung U Shwe Na Di Guest House (Bagan) - Very neat guest house with en-suite bathrooms and TV. We also rent e-bicycles for 8.000 Kie. MANDALAY 82 (82nd Street) - Great place! Our employees are very supportive - they even took us 10km to a pizzeria.

The locals are very kind and supportive. beware of yucky western foods - There have been a few occasions that we chose a burgers and crisps and every single case was taken or missed. Burma does not seem to have yet evolved its gastronomic capabilities in European/American cooking, so you may take a chance when ordering this type of meal.

Be on the save and either enjoy eating locally or in places with good critics. In Myanmar you will find that there are a lot of small spots on the city. Use caution in budgeting - Myanmar is slightly more costly than the remainder of Southeast Asia. Mandalay Pack of Dog - There are many strays in Mandalay; when they walk the roads at nights they can be a little daunting.

Myanmar has not yet understood the whole thing about aliens, unlike other South East Asian states. Not motorcycles in Yangon - There are a few different tales of why motorcycles are outlawed. We look forward to hearing from you if you have any queries or would like to tell us about your experience in Myanmar!

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