Myanmar Backpacker Tours

Backpacker Tours in Myanmar

Any more backpacker-like tours? What about backpacking in Burma? When you go on one of the boat trips, you will probably be dropped off in various shabby souvenir shops. Myanmar is also recommended for women travelling alone. I' met some female travelers in Myanmar.

Backpacker Tour, Myanmar Budget Tour (Burma)

The Myanmar Backpacker Tour especially for the traveler who likes liberty. While Nandar Kan only shows the way, he lets you, the Myanmar traveler, arrange your own Myanmar vacation at your own speed. We will show you the possibilities you can use on your journey through Myanmar, but you will make the definitive choices.

To the traveler who wants to travel to Myanmar, a county that has a third of its borders with the mountain and highlands, these tours include gentle treks, crossing of the Myanmar tribe areas, exploration of the ways of living of the Myanmar mountain people and hiking under and up to the snow-capped mountain.

When you want a high, make a great adventure with Nandar Kan's Myanmar Walking Adventure. Remember that one of your Myanmar travels may involve climbing on the back of an Elephant and riding through the forests or on horseback and riding on the dry Bagan Plain to Mt Popa.

Ride in a pasture high above the thousand sanctuaries of Myanmar's number one traveler Bagan.

Budge Travel & Backpacking in Burma

What about backpacker tourism in Burma? Burma, also known as Myanmar (very political), is currently one of the world' s hot spots. There was a day, think of the period before 2011, it was not touristically pleasant and the enthusiastic backpack tourists were said to keep away. It has become a must on every South East Asia itinerary.

Burma has hardly undergone any change since the days of Britain's colonisation. Come and see us and you will find that the natives have survived the West, which has taken over much of Asia, and that the men still wear the skirt-like lungji. Not only are the Myanmar residents fascinated, there are also a thousand holy places to get your cameras out for.

Myanmar's monasteries and palaces provide breathtaking photography, while Myanmar's shores, marketplaces and island life should be part of every self-confident travelroute. Drive southwards to the Myeik Island beach and northwards to the hilly Chin State, but remember that you may need a visa and there will be a 7pm curfew. Here you will find the Myeik State.

There are still horsemen and women still using trolleys to get around, the web is sluggish and the receipt of cell phones is doubtful for backpack tourists. It is the ideal place to withdraw, to escape the pressure of today's technologies and the constant promotion and commercialization. When you need more reason to come to Burma, how about a cookery course at Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort?

Or how about you rent a bicycle to move around Burma? A top tip for anyone who wants to visit Burma soon; never pointing their foot at a single individual or thing is extremely slanderous. Remember that as a relatively new territory on the Southeast Asian backpacker route, there is more of a linguistic obstacle and it is not that simple to cope with the present structure.

Perhaps Burma is more pricey than its neighboring nations, mainly due to the fact that the tourist industries do not yet fully meet Thailand and Vietnam's OTT standards. Recent increases in Burma's appeal have resulted in fast bookings of air travel and shelter.

Once you know you want to come to the land, book it! A trip to Burma is a great way to help an upcoming business community and say that you were there when it first began receiving tourism.

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