Myanmar Baby Picture

Burma Baby Picture

Reuters witness do not show how reporters mark six months in Myanmar detention. It' great when the baby sees her reflection on the camera screen! and she was sure her baby was dying. Baby Cute USA online shopping myanmar has no feedbacks yet. and she was sure her baby was dying.

The shocking picture of a despairing baby fighting in the muds catches the hardship of Rohingya escapees after "ethnic cleansing" in Burma.

KLEINES Baby, rolling over the garbage-contaminated sludge to find sanctuary, has caught the heartbreaking hardship of Burma's ethnical purge. The Rohingya Muslims are a minority in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar. Described as a "textbook example of ethnical cleansing", the natives have escaped to Bangladesh to avoid the violence.

The Rohingya left in Myanmar are fighting for survival. Smoking natives were blocking lorries full of help to stop the majority from getting help. Though support groups said Rohingya natives needed nutrition, drinking and protection, mob dropped gasoline nukes at the support lorries. The Myanmar administration said that the hundreds of thousands of people became" aggressive" and tried to stop the relief efforts from being summoned before they were distributed by about 200 policemen.

At the beginning of this month, refugee children were taken prisoner in front of crowded street camp sites awaiting nourishment. Heartbreaking images last weekend caught a baby's body after his wife and daughter tried to escape from Myanmar. One Rohingya girl was taken prisoner in tears and held her 40-day-old son, who was killed capsizing her cat.

Videotape shows'Muslim' infant torturing by'Buddhist' in Burma not everything it seems to be

Horrible videotapes showing a man torturing an infant with an electronics unit have been in circulation in the last few weeks in the public eye. A number of mediasources and many people in the public relations community claim that the tape showed a "Rohingya Muslim child" being tortures by a "Buddhist" in Burma.

In fact, however, this terrible sequence took place in Cambodia, not Burma, and the sacrifice is not Rohingya. This film shows a man sitting on the ground stretching a machine out to a small kid like a stutter. Screen grab of one of the on-line rotating videotapes. He is pointing his electronics at the child's genitalia.

As you can see in this screen grab of the movie, which was widespread on Facebook, the man also has Blindfold. As of Tuesday, this film material has been distributed on-line, especially by several Arabic-speaking newspapers claiming that the little guy is Rohingya, a haunted Islamic group in Burma, where the vast majority is Buddhist.

The most Rohingya are living in the Arakan state in the west of Burma. "A Rohingya kid is torturing with a taser," the headlines in Jordan Zad. Jordan's newsmagazine is by no means the only medium claiming that the kid in the film is Rohingya. "Look how this baby was torturing.

The raging sociomedia users wrote: "Human right NGOs only interfere when the kid is not a Moslem. A lot of folks voiced their rage after seeing these pictures on Facebook and other online communities. One of Rohingya's most important victims is the murder of his wife. The website "No rumors" in the state of saudi Arabia, which specializes in exposing inaccurate information, quickly identifies the true sources of this material.

At the beginning of this weeks publication, The Cambodia daily publishes the tape in an article entitled "Child Torture videos result to three arrests". Cambodia's authorities have started an inquiry after these films were posted on the internet, according to the paper. Three persons were detained on Tuesday in the Kompong Cham region.

They are still looking for a suspected man, a Viet Namese man, who is said to have torturing the baby in front of the film. As the Rohingya tribe are a victim of genuine prosecution in Burma, much misinformation about the crime against them is distributed on-line. Another tape showing a torturing kid was distributed last June as evidence of further misuse against the Rohingya population.

But it turned out that the movie was shot in China.

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