Myanmar Average Income

Burma Average Income

The average household size in rural Myanmar is slightly above average. More humble citizens tend not to pay tax on their income. in opium-producing households. Ranking of per capita income of households Land resources. In Myanmar, gender and rural poverty:

Mean and minimum salary in Yangon, Myanmar

When you will be visiting Myanmar in the near term, this article is an analysis of the average and minimal salaries in Yangon a good beginning to better understanding the dynamic of the state. In recent years Myanmar has opened its gates to the tourist and visitor sectors. It is probably the best time to come and spend time in the country's recent past.

There is an upbeat business climate and many industries are expanding. Burma is still a rather impoverished state with a very low minimal income. Currently, the Yangon wages are at least 3,600 Myanmar Kyat per person per working days, which applies to the whole state. Myanmar's low wages coupled with a large workforce of hardworking workers make it very appealing to overseas businesses.

Much of these positions have been taken over from Thailand as wages have risen in the last two years. However, the average wage in Yangon is significantly higher and is around $300 per months. When you are an expatriate living, working and investing in Myanmar, you can look forward to earning much more than the average.

But also the costs of Living for expatriates in Yangon are much higher. Myanmar's economies have only just begun to move towards the realities of other Southeast Asian states. Nevertheless, the state still has an undeveloped economies founded on the use of nature's raw materials (precious stones) and agronomy. The service sector is growing with increasing economic liberty.

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