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BMI for men and women in international comparison. There are no words that can fully describe the things we have seen here in Myanmar. In the case of children up to two years of age, body height is measured by the length of the bed. Rainfall average per month for three coastal settlements: The study made a proposal for the tidal observation system in Myanmar.

Average size Yangon men - average men from Yangon, Myanmar

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Burma average size men - average men from Myanmar met

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Myanmar's "Greatest Man" is seeking healthcare abroad

And YANGON - Big Zaw knows he was different since a teenager boom sent him over his neighbours in a secluded Myanmar town. Now, at seven feet eight inch he is felt to be the country's greatest man, and a recent ascent to glory means that he can ultimately seek care abroad for the state of health behind his lofty height.

"My boyfriends call me Big Zaw," said Win Zaw Oo, who is 233 cm tall, much bigger than the 168 cm (five feet six) tall man from Myanmar. The 36-year-old, who got health care coverage after a public affairs report about him met with great interest this year from journalists and health professionals, said, "When the physician took me here, he had to rent a lorry.

He' s now undergoing an operation in Singapore for a hypophysis tumour that is causing the human organism to generate excess hormone levels because the process is too far developed to be conducted in Myanmar, where the healthcare system was chronicly underfunded by the former regime. Myanmar's Win Zaw Oo, who departed on Thursday, said he was concerned about the journey.

However, if it is for my own good, I have to do it," he said to the AFP before his trip, and added that he was worried about the cost of treating him in the near term. Its size poses everyday problems. Most of his time Win Zaw Oo is barefooted in his peanut and peanut seed sisterhood in Magway, Cymenmar.

Whilst his Myanmar relatives could make large extra-longyis - the black and white skirts that men and woman wear in Myanmar - for him, made-to-measure shoes were far beyond the family's sobriety. He is also slightly tired and incapable of maintaining normal work, although he says he can help out in building a small town because he does not need a stair.

MYANMAR' s physicians said Win Zaw Oo appears to have ceased to grow, but that his state posed potential threats to his wellbeing. "He needs healing," said Myatthu Mynn, part of the healthcare staff who travelled with him to Singapore on a journey financed by personal contributions from Myanmar and Singapore. Mr. Bishop said the process, which normally includes access to the hypophysis through the nostrils or an incision in the oral cavity, is too specific for Myanmar's clinics.

A decade-long army rulership in South East Asia forced the overwhelming population to leave without primary health services, as the Burmese government concentrated on concentrating on military outlays. In 2011, a new quasi-civilian government took over, but health services remain underdeveloped. The state spends only around one per cent of its 2011 to 2012 budgets on health services, and will increase to three per cent in 2012 to 2013.

The state of Win Zaw Oo - acromegalia - which can cause giantism during adolescence is very seldom. Exact figures for Myanmar are not available, but the British Pituitary Foundation said that only about four to six new cases per million of the country's populations are detected each year. Some of the most common are" diabetic, high hypertensive and cardiac diseases with a shorter lifespan than the average population".

Physicians said only one other very large individual was registered in Myanmar. Being Zee Kwet, who presumably passed away in the 70s, was blinded by her state and her extraordinary size led to her being shown at trade shows in the heart of the state. However, the state is taking its toll. No.

Sometimes I am depressed," he said to the AFP, and added that he does not anticipate having a home of his own, but rather is hoping that healthcare will ensure his own survival.

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