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The Ngapali is more than Myanmar's most visited beach. The old capital Yangon is the main gateway to Myanmar. If not, you should look for other accommodation. Myanmar city tour went far beyond the sights. There are many good places for adventure travel in Myanmar.

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Yangon, the old capitol is the major gate to Myanmar. Immergrün and chilly with luxuriant exotic plants, shaded gardens and lovely ponds, Yangon has deserved the name of the garden town of the East. The Yangon was established by King Alaungpaya on the site of a small hamlet known as Dagon when he captured Sub-Myanmar in 1755.

Yangon means "the end of the fight", which was anglicised on Rangoon. Today's Yangon has an area of over 350 square kilometers and a total of over 5 million people. Only 80 km from Yangon, Bago was an old 15th c. capitol of Mon Kingdom. Sunbathing Buddha (55 metres long, Shwe maw- Dora pit, Kyalyani Sima office hill).

Buddha pictures of Kyaik Pun Pagoda and King Bayintnaung Palace, 28 metres high, are some of the sights. The Thanlyin and its surrounding area offers many tourist amenities. This 1822-metre long viaduct over the Bago River made the 45-minute trip from Yangon possible. The Kyaik Khauk Pagoda and Kyauktan Pagoda in the brook are definitely a must.

There is a small Twante Carnal city just two hour from Yangon by ferry. In Htaukkyant, 32 km from Yangon, on the way to Bago, there are 27,000 gravestones of Alliance troops who died in Myaammer during the Second World War.

Most of Myanmar's handicrafts are the best gifts at affordable rates. Well-known Myanmar ruby, sapphire, and pearl are also available at the Myanma Gems Centre and other underwriters. The Bogyoke Aung San Market (Scott Market) is one of the best places for gift shoppers. There are many places in and around Mandalay that you should not miss: Maha Muni Pagoda, Atu-ma-shi Kyaung, Mandalay Hill, U Bein Bridge, Ku-tho-daw Pagoda, Royal Palace, Zegyo Market, Pyin Oo Lwin, Amarapura and so on.

About 11 km from Mandalay lies the city of Amarapura. This was the capitol of the Konbaung dynasty during the rule of King Bodawpaya when he relocated his capitol to Amarapura in 1783. Sights are the Pahtodawgyi Pagoda. Cotton and Skill Weaving Cottage Industry, U Bein Bridge over Taungthaman Lake, Kyauktawgyi Pagoda, Nagayon Pagoda, Mahagandayone Monastery.

Inwa is another old city known as the Kingdoms of Inwa during the Second Myanmar Empire. Nowadays Inwa is a small city to the south of Amarapura. Sightseeing attractions in In-wa are Nanmyint Watch Tower, Maha Aungmye Bonzan Monastery, Bagaya Monastery, Lacquer war Industry and In-wa Bridge over the Ayeyarwaddy River.

Formerly an old capitol, it is located 21 km southwest of Mandalay, on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River. Soon, U Ponya Shin Pagoda, Kaung-Hmudaw Pagoda (a copy of the Mahaceti Pagoda in Sri Lanka) and Ywahtaung (home of the silversmith guild) are definitely to visit. A 11 km long cruise on the Ayeyarwaddy River from Mandalay to Mingun offers a pleasurable experience.

A further attraction is the huge ruin basis of the Mingun Puagoda, an incomplete work of King Bodawpaya, which would have assisted the world's biggest Puagoda, the Settawya Puagoda and the Hainbyume Pipa. About 1000 metres above see â" plain, Pyin Oo â" Lwin is a favorite hills â" stop over 69 km from Mandalay.

It' s famous for its colonial styled homes with large grounds and pines, eucalyptuses and silver oak. Sightseeing attractions in the city of Monyva are â" de Pagoda â" bay â" de Pagoda with over 500,000 Buddha pictures, Bodhi â" ta â" staung (one thousand Bo trees), Ledi Kyaungteik Convent, where Buddhist writings are written on 806 flagstones and Kyaungteik Village, known for its own unique varnished type.

Bagan, one of the wealthiest archeological places, is the most important touristic attraction in Myanmar and lies on the east shore of the Ayeyarwaddy River. It was also the city of Myanmar's first empire. It' a small city about 15 km from Bagan, down the Ayeyarwaddy River. One of Myanmar's most important touristic attraction is this huge, scenic pond embedded between the misty Shan Mountains, 900 m asl.

Unspoilt and unspoilt, Inlay lake is known for its beautiful landscape and the one-of-a-kind foot â" of the Inthas, the indigenous pole people. Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda in the centre of this beautiful area. Swimming markets are the major attraction.

This is one of Myanmar's most celebrated sanctuaries and contains five small Buddha pictures. There is a annual celebration of pagodas at the end of September or beginning of October, during which the four Buddha pictures are rowing around the sea in a colourful boat. Further sights in the area are Paya Pauk Pagode, the town of Zakah and Nga Phe Cloister.

Taunggyi, over 1430 metres above sealevel, is the capitol of the state of Shan. The Kalaw is another mountain terminal 1400 metres above sealevel. A lot of the Tudor â" stylish buildings and British garden of former times will be preserved. You will find the cave low in the slopes and at the entry of a 15 metre high Shwe U Min Pagoda.

PYYAY is situated about 285 km northern of Yangon, on the easterly shore of the Ayeyarwaddy. Some kilometres northerly â" eastwards of the city lies Thayekhitta (Sri Ksetra), an archeological site of the antique capitol Phyu (5th to ninth century). Zhwesandaw Pagoda, Hsetakyi Pagoda, Shwe Phone Pwint Museum, Bawbawgyi Pagoda, Bebegyi Pagoda, Phayagyi and Payama Stupas are other sights in and around Pyay.

Mrauk U is on the Shwe Nat Pyin creek, a creek of the Kalatan and 80 km from Sittwe. Mraukâ" U is accessed by ferry along the mainland of Ra â" Khaing State. Mahamyatmuni Shrine, one of the famed Myanmar marquees, is 30 km from Mrauk-U.

Mrauk â " U features the solid Shitethaung â" Phara, a strangely noteworthy sanctuary with innumerable Buddha pictures and relief, the fortress â" like the Htukkan Thein fortress, which is known for its interesting rock sculpture temples An â" Daw Thain with its singular woodcarvings and flower motifs; Sa â" Kya â" Man â" Aung, a high weakened Stupa, and the archaeological museums.

Situated at the estuary of the Kaladan Valley, where it flows into the Bay of Bengal, the seaport has a minimum of two thousand years of tradition and has been a seaport for almost two hundred years. Rakhine is also the state' s capitol. Mrauk Oo is an antique town 80 km upstream from Sittwe.

One of the wonders of the word, Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, known as the Golden Rock, was constructed in 574 B.C. (over 2500 years old). Situated over 1100 meters above sealevel and 160 meters from Yangon, Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is a small stomping stone with a thick golden foliage that is finely equilibrated at the end of the rock.

Pagoda Kyaikhtiyo, which contained a hairline of the Buddha. There' s also a curvy street for 4-wheel vehicles from the basis to the next point of the pagoda. The city of Mawlamyine is the capitol of Mon State and lies at the estuary of the Thanlwin River (Salween River).

From Yangon it is easy to reach by train and highway. The Kyaikthanlan pit is one of the sights in Mawlamyine. The Uzena Pagode, caves of Kawgoon and Payon, known for its innumerable Buddha pictures, stalagmites and stalactites. Situated on the cliffs by the ocean and connected to the country by a roofed dam, Kyaikkhami is its major attraction.

Some 34 km from Mawlamyine lies Thanbyuzayat, a cemetery for the POWs who died in the construction of the renowned death train over the Kwai River. Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago, situated in the most southern point of Myanmar, consists of over 500 beautiful islets. Its way of living and traditions are so distinctive and singular that a salon tradition is created to draw foreign visitors and encourage maritime ecotourism around the Myeik archipelago isles.

It' a commercial city in northern Shan State. Mogok is a place where Myanmar ruby, sapphire and emerald and other gemstones are mine. It is situated in the Myitkyina district in the state of Kachin. It' about 960 km from Yangon. The Phar Kant lies on the western side of the Uru-Flusses, a creek of the Chindwin-Flusses.

Cornhuu is situated just south of Myanmar and is now known as the Maishuu Gems Land. Formerly a small city, the jewels found in corn huars are now known as "red diamonds" on the world's gemstone markets. Kachin State's rugged country is situated in the far northernmost part of Myanmar.

The Myitkyina is the biggest city in Kachin State. Myitkyina is the starting point of the Myit-Sone of Maikha and Malikha, the spring of the Ayeyarwaddy River. We offer frequent services from Yangon and Mandalay to Myitkyina. Hkakaborazi (5,882 m), the highest summit in Southeast Asia, lies 300 km northern of Myitkyina.

The Indawgyi Sea, the biggest of Myanmar's lakes, is about 150 km SW of Myitkyina. Approximately 25 nautical mile to the northern side of Myitkyina lies the gorgeous Myitsone Confluence, where the rivers Mai Kha and Mâlikha converge from the Ayeyarwaddy River, which flows into the Bay of Bengal about 1000 nautical mile to the sout.

Another city in Kachin State, Putao is encircled by snow-capped peak mountains. This is the closest city to the basecamp for the ascent of Mount Khakhaborazi (5889 meters), the highest peak in Myanmar and Southeast Asia. Muse, a small city on the bank of the Shweli River, is the major gate between Myanmar and Yunan province (China).

It is 190 km from Lashio and is a busy commercial city. Tachilek, situated in the Golden Triangle area, is the gate across from Mae Sai in Thailand. It' about 2 hrs from Yangon by plane. Golden Triangle Paradise Resort is situated on the bank of the Mekong River opposite Laos and Thailand.

And Kyaing Tong is the capitol of the Golden Triangle. We have frequent Yangon to Kyaing Tong. People with a frontier pass are permitted to enter this frontier towns. Once Victoria Point, Kawthaung is the most southern of Myanmar's cities. Ranong, a Thai frontier village, offers 20 minutes by ferry to Kawthaung for sightseeings and shops.

The Andaman Club on Thahtaykyun is situated just south of Kawthaung. The cruise liner âM is operated by Five Star Shipping Line and there are frequent services from Yangon to Kawthaung. Due to the challenging landscape, streets are still being built, but Mindat-Matupi-Hakkha-Hpalam-Tedim-Tonzang Street is along the spinal column of the land that connects it to the Mgwe Division in the south from Fort Hertz to Kalay of Sagaing Division in the north.

Situated on the Rakhine coast near Thandwe (Sandoway), Ngapali is one of the most pristine and pristine shores in Myanmar. Cross the Ayeyarwaddy River at Pyay (Prome) and take the meandering Rakhine Yoma (mountain range) for 14 hours. It' 40 km westward of Pahtein (Bassein) in the Ayeyarwaddy Division.

It' about 6hrs from Yangon.

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