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Burma Atm Machines

There are ATMs in most hotels and all tourist attractions have Atms (even Atms inside the Shwedagon Pagoda). The people mumbled that there were not even ATMs in Burma when I inserted my card into the machine and entered my PIN - to get the answer from ERROR. As well as exchange centres, visitors can also purchase Myanmar Kyat at ATMs, which are becoming increasingly popular in Myanmar. Thiri Mon Plaza ATM. Burma continues to be a largely cash-based economy.

With ATMs in Myanmar. - The Forum in Myanmar

With cash machines in Myanmar. I would like to know how cash machines are used for the Myanmar domestic market. Can they be easily found and are they dependable, you can usually reach the limit - 300,000? I have a Banker say she won't be blocking my credit in Myanmar. He doesn't even pay a fee, although I know that the ATM charges 5000 every year.

I' m considering taking off at Yangon International. 300,000. With ATMs in Myanmar. With ATMs in Myanmar. I have no CC charge, but use it to settle motel bill, not for real money. With ATMs in Myanmar. Now I think KBZ calculates 6,000 kyats, some have 200,000 borders.

You may also be charged a lot of charges by your local banking institution. I' ve got free tickets, but I don't use them for money in Myanmar or Thailand. With ATMs in Myanmar. You are many and dependable, they calculate 6 to 7000 kilo + the charges of your house dealer, it can be up to 10% of 400,000 MK used.

With ATMs in Myanmar. Sorry: 300,000k is the maximum payout.

Bring money (USD or Euro) or use ATMs in Myanmar? - MYANmar message board

There are a number of ATMs in Myanmar today, so it is not necessary to take money (USD or Euro) with you when you are visiting Myanmar. We have had poor experiences with ATMs in both Yangon and Bagan, at least with Dutch debit cards (which we use to make withdrawals from ATMs worldwide).

First, many of the ATMs are (temporarily) out of order. Not at ATMs of other commercial institutions (KBZ or others). Most importantly, the CB bank will limit the payout amount to 20,000 Kyat per year. There is a 5,000 Kyat payout for each payout, i.e. you are paying 25,000 Kyat to receive 20,000 Kyat (an insolent 20% fee!!).

Besides, the currency rates were really low. It is much better to bring along currency (USD or Euro): the currency rates seem to be set by the authorities and are quite stable: $1 = around Kyat 960 and Euro 1 = around Kyat 1320. However, please be aware that the US dollar banknotes must be correct (no wrinkles, etc.), otherwise the rates will be lower or in the worse case the acceptance of the US dollar banknotes will be refused.

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