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Korea's films take Myanmar by storm now

Organisations in Korea and Myanmar delivered exactly what the second biggest country in Southeast Asia is looking for! The Myanmar Korean Film Festival 2006, funded by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, CJ, and the Korean Film Council, began with the goal of strengthening the reciprocal ties and intercultural exchanges between South Korea and Myanmar.

Korean Film Festival 2013 took place October 24-27 at Traders Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar. This Korean Film Festival is part of a major Korean cultural celebration, "Korea Week 2013". There will be Korea Film Festival, Asia New Star Model Competition, Korea Food Promotion, Korean Speech Competition and K-Pop Cover Competion.

4 belovedorean films,'Jeon-Woochi','The Client','The Show Must Go On' and'Arahan', which will be open to the general audience during the course of the event. In the past year, 35,000 Koreans travelled to Myanmar, 20,000 Myanmarers travelled to Korea. Hopefully the connection between Myanmar and Korea will be as powerful as ever at the Incheon Asian Games 2014.

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China/Myanmar co-produced TV series with Air

The first TV show between China and Myanmar is at last up and running after years of work. A new TV play, The Legends of Music, will be broadcast in Myanmar on 14 April on Sky Net. Film and TV programme database of the State Council Information Office of China and the Kyrgyz Shwe Than Lwin Media Co Ltd. sign an arrangement at Sky Net TV Centre for the supply of the film to the Myanmar side for television transmission.

A Myanmar princely man who visited China during the Tang Family more than 1,200 years ago, a group of musicians traveling to Chang An, the then Tang Family' capitol, is the theme of the film. It was filmed in the antique town of Bagan, where the Emperor's residence and a powerful kingdom once lived.

Lin Gengxin, the young adolescent iconol from China, and the leading actresses in the movie are the leading actresses. The first two installments will feature actions, song and dancing, and nature shots filmed in Myanmar, according to China's national press. A further Myanmaric TV show "Contradiction of Spouse" was started on 26 March in the Sky Net canal.

The dubbing of 11 other Myanmar features and documentaries will be broadcasted by Sky Net. This legend of music, financed by the television channel Yunnan, made its Chinese début in December 2013. This TV show premiered as part of the "Experience China" - Myanmar Tour.

He was visited by U Paik Htway, Vice Secretary of Information, Cui Yuying, Vice Secretary of the Information Office of the State Council of China, Yang Houlan, Ambassador of China to Myanmar, and Zhao Jin, member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China of Yunnan Provincial Government and Director of the Information Department of the Provincial Government.

He thanked both sides for the common filming and the TV serial productions. Said the audience in China was moving and praised the roles of the performers in the movie when the TV show was first broadcast by China television on different avenues.

"The legend of music has opened a new era of culture and collaboration between China and Myanmar and testifies to the friendships between the two peoples," he said.

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