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Burma is located on the Bay of Bengal and borders Thailand to the west, Laos and China to the northeast and India and Bangladesh to the northwest. Myanmar is still one of the largest hidden jewels in Southeast Asia. This pagoda pass opens the doors to Myanmar's elusive world. Locate the best holiday homes in Myanmar: Burma Myanmar Asia Current local time & date, time zone and difference.


Naypyidaw is the capitol of Myanmar. Burma is the biggest in Southeast Asia. Burma is situated on the Bay of Bengal and borders Thailand to the west, Laos and China to the northeast and India and Bangladesh to the northwest. South of the land is shallow and rich in water, the biggest, the Irrawaddy, which stands in the fortresses of the Himalayas, runs through dramatic canyons, jungle and rice paddies into the Bay of Bengal.

Irrawaddy is the heart beat of Myanmar and the best gateway to many of the country's main tourist destinations. Burma has 54 million people with an avarage densities of 84 people/km2. Sixty-eight percent of the total populace are from Burma, 9% Shan, 7% Karen, 4% Rakhine, 3% China, 2% Mon and 2% India.

Mongolian minority groups make up the remainder of Myanmar's total populace. Myanmar's main religious denomination is Buddhism (89%), but it is a strange mixture of different convictions and practice containing Buddhist, Christian, Islamic and Hinduism. Be cautious, as in many nations, when speaking about religions, especially in the company of those who speak your own tongue well.

With regard to religions, it is wise to avoid political discussions, except in very wide concept. Myanmar has more than 100 different ethnical groups, all with their own languages or dialects, traditions and cultures. Most of the Burmese community speaks Burmese, the country's main administrative languages. Therefore, we strongly advise all visitors to Myanmar to take along US dollar denominated money, as it is currently the only acceptable exchange rate.

Myanmar is the best season to come from mid-October to early March. Burma is 6h30 Greenwich County. Myanmar has a "standard" 220V power supply, but power outlets are not always the norm. We strongly recommend that you bring an internal adaptor.

Myanmar is a very high cost country (from 5 to 10 US$ per minute). Cellular telephones still don't work in Myanmar. E-mail works to some degree in the big towns, but its use is still restricted. Mandalay is 45 km (1 hour transfer) from the city centre.

When in Myanmar, turn right. Except for Myanmar residents, only foreign nationals with a commercial or international driver's license are entitled to travel in Myanmar. You can rent a motorcycle with an international driver's license. The indicated rates are usually set, but the negotiations remain and are often used in towns and market places.

Visas are required to travel to Myanmar. Within 5 working hours you will be sent a confirmation of your application to collect your visas at the Myanmar airfield on your flight to Myanmar. Since that date, the on-line visas are available at Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay Intercontinental Aerodromes.

You can also obtain visas directly from Myanmar embassies and consulates abroad. Kindly notice that: short, mini skirts, flashy shirts (shoulders must be covered), torn denim, transparent top,.... are forbidden when going to places of cult. When wearing short pants for your outings, take pants or a gown to put on for a trip to a coup.

Be particularly wary when selecting your shoes: you will actually take off your boots when you visit the temples, pagodas and monasteries, which you will often do, and lace-up boots are not apt. Myanmar has a long history in many respects as a general norm. Traveling in Myanmar is a low priority, but it is best to keep your belongings at home.

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