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What's that? Is that a case of gender murder?

First the Myanmar army divided the wives and gals from the men and gals.

"You took my child and slit his throat," Dilbar said in a shaking tone, and added that the troops then also slit Rozias' throats.


Then, the forces took the wives and maidens, five at a stretch, to a shelter. Unpatient men began to beat her - she showed me marks from the blows - and drag her into a cabin with her sister-in-law Asma Begum. They undressed the wives and attacked them, said them, and eventually shut the doors and burned down the shed.

Last slaughtering began in August after a shady Rohingya insurgent troop assaulted law enforcement and military stations and killed 12 members of the guardkeeping.

Cruelty differed greatly from area to area, and what was happening in Noor's town was more than atypical.

While I was looking for Rohingya village residents I visited in Myanmar in 2014 and 2015, I could not find them. This attack concerned the regular use of rapes to terrorise the Rohingya.

There is an organisation named BRAC which operates children's centres where the kids receive pencils and pencils. They have torn drawings: troops shoot at weapons, boyfriends bleed, cabins burn.

Troops had closed the cabin doors and lit it on fire. For four whole-day Shafika went through the jungles to get to Bangladesh.

However, being accountable does help, so there should be a great incentive to pursue Myanmar's army officers before the International Criminal Court.

In an open-ended letter from 58 humanitarian and relief organisations, Myanmar has quite justifiably demanded specific penalties against Myanmar civil servants.

However, so far not enough effort has been made to stop the barbarous Rohingyas. There are good organisations working in the local community, including BRAC, MSF, Saving the Children and the Hope Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh, for those who wonder how they can help.

First class intercession on Rohingya's behalf was provided by Fortify Rights, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

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