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Burma Art Picture

More ideas about Burma Myanmar, art and art background. Great picture gallery of Myanmar (Burma). Receive Myanmar Art images and royalty-free images from iStock. The auction is for a sand art/bead art picture with a rickshaw and ox scene. It came from Myanmar (Burma).

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) was one of the most intriguing of Southeast Asia states. The Shwedagon, the most holy and fairest of pagodas in the whole wide globe, the Bagan Plains with its thousand ancient buildings, the mythic Mandalay, the shimmering and fragile Golden Rock are just some of the Myanmar places of Buddhism with a magic qualities that cannot be found anywhere else and justifies the Myanmar Appellation "Golden Land".

Myanmar is one of the least westernised nations in the hemisphere because of its long period of international economic and social mismanagement.

Yangon Art Gallery 3-D

During the summer, when the wheather is high, the summer is over and there is a lot of free day to spend with your loved ones and mates. A funfair could be great for you. Visit the 3-D art galery at Happy World Entertainment in Kandaw Mingalar Parc, Shwedagon Pagoda Road. "that it'?s just an art galery.

They can take part in any 3-D image, playing the subject and getting your boyfriends or your loved ones to take a picture," said Ma Nawe Nawe Aung, spokeswoman for Happy World Amusement Park. "I had the brainchild when I saw such places in Bangkok and Singapore with my ancestors.

They had a lot of laughs and took photos. Admission to the theme playground is only K200, and many other funny things can be done. "It took almost a year to open the galery because we wanted to ensure that all the images were of the highest possible standard for the audience," said Ma Nawe Nawe Aung.

Myanmar: the art dealer

ARTITECTURES are tortured in notorious ways - think of Van Gogh and his maimed yuck. It' mostly in Myanmar. "I' ve longed for a picture of Grand Master Htain Lin for years, but I'll never be able to buy it," groans Soe Hnin Aung, a Myanmar art and art-gatherer.

Soe Hnin Aung opened a galery in 2015 with the hopes of one of his most sought-after pictures being hung on one of his own inscriptions. Myanmar is a particularly difficult place for artisans. Until today there are no such facilities in Myanmar, no accommodation for art-loving people. At the Yangon's School of Fine Arts, Min Wae Aung graduated in 1982.

In 1988 Min Wae Aung made a breakthrough with a string of depicted friars and monks who liked aliens. Today Min Wae Aung's pictures have the largest prices in Myanmar. For Myanmar artist, such major global advances are seldom. He is indisputably gifted, but he was also fortunate.

Soon he had contact with Karin Weber, a renowned gallerist in Singapore and his gate to the online-magazine. MĂ­nwa Aung is now out of his compatriots' hands. Legislation in the markets is hard on them. "When selling a picture on the global art scene, I have to buy a similar picture on the Myanmar art scene for a similar price," he states.

There are four different art fairs in Myanmar - not all of which are law. There is a fair reserved for the lucky few and contains international music. The other was the work of a group of artisans from the area where they work. There is a forth one devoted to reproductions of works by modernists. It is ironic that modern artist are less safe than the deceased, since Myanmar has no copyrights of its own.

"Almost all the original works were acquired by multinational collections and museums," says Min Wae Aung. The lucky proprietor of one of these precious objects is U Aung Min of the Magic Art Galerie. If you want to become a good art trader or collecter in Myanmar, you first have to be able to see the pictures.

To put it briefly: Do you know your story - which performer, which epoch, which technique, etc.? Speak the prize down once and you will be confronted with an abyss. Only 10 Myanmar performers have works of art valued at more than $10,000 - the normal cost of a picture is $100. The purchasing side focuses on the global market.

The majority of customers in Myanmar are foreign. A few people from Burma buy from Burma art. Create a galery and begin trading. "Myint Soe, an experienced art collectors and owners of the Summit Art Collection in Yangon, says that Myanmar art dealers support Myanese art in the course of the year.

Myanmar's art markets have much to catch up on before it matures in Singapore or Hong Kong, where many affluent businessmen are enjoying some of Asia's most precious works of art. U Myint Soe sees Myanmar becoming less dependent on overseas shoppers and creating a lively community of art.

As the number of vendors increases, the sales force will become more professional. Today, purchasers simply go directly to the performers who are not the best negotiating partners. Civilization is a long ignored politics in Myanmar. Likewise, Burmese wealth should make donations to the art world. Myanmar has about 60,000 performers, according to art collectors Aung Min - Myanmar's long-standing artisans' association has 10,000 members, but many of them are unregistered.

"Every musician needs this to have a licence to display his work on board," says Min Wae Aung. Then you have all these little things that make Myanmar Myanmar. "If I take part in a global auction, my Myanmar visas are often refused," sighed the musician Aung Min.

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