Myanmar Army Video

Burma Army Video

The Myanmar Army Latest news, pictures, videos and special reports from the business newspaper The Economic Times. The Myanmar army says she is innocent in her behaviour towards the Rohingya Muslims. In Bangladesh, Myanmar's army has been offered help against the Rohingya rebels (VIDEO). The Myanmar army denies atrocities in the state of Rakhine. The Myanmar army defends brutal action.

The Myanmar Army 2017

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Burma's army contests Rohingya cruelty coverage | Myanmar News

The Rohingya Islamic civilists who escape the Myanmar Rakhine State force say that the army has killed, violated and burned houses of the civilian population - claims that have been contested by the state. More than 70,000 Rohingya have searched for security in neighboring Bangladesh in the last 10 outbreak. International goverments and organizations are concerned that Rohingya communities will be collectively punished after an attack by an armored group on 25 August on policing stations and a force based in the west of Rakhine.

A number of charities say they have suspended the distribution of humane assistance to the Rohingya civilian population because they are concerned about the security of their people.

The Myanmar army chiefs tell the insurgents to stop calling for the "impossible".

NAYPYITAW: Myanmar's mighty army leader urges the country's ethnically-based insurgent groups to accept a global ceasefire deal now and to stop spending too much and too much time on what he calls impossibility. On Tuesday, Senior Gen Min Aung Hlaing said that military conflict with insurgent groups that have been striving for greater independence for several centuries has left Myanmar's neighbourhood behind.

Myanmar's army reigned for half a hundred years during which it was charged with wide-spread abuse before partly surrendering control to a civil regime in 2016. Some of Myanmar's more influential tribal groups have refused to participate in ceasefire negotiations and pursue the ongoing armistice warfare. If abuse is the basis of #Myanmarilitary Training, the abuse of civilians is well-awaited.

That''s MinAungHlaing''s'Modern'''Myanmar''Tatmatadaw.

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