Myanmar area Size

Burma Area Size

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Burma's Greatness v Thailand

Thailand has about 513,120 square kilometers, while Burma is about 676,578 square kilometers. Meanwhile about 68 million persons are living in Thailand (11 million less persons are living in Burma). A true-to-life chart of Thailand and Burma. See a detailed Burma-Thailand benchmarking with our international benchmarking tools for more information.

Myanmar: Is this a country of possibilities? USA & Canada

Myanmar, which was withdrawn and closed off during five decade-long periods of armed domination, is now in a phase of political and economical reform that - if one can believe the analyst - could change the state. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that Myanmar's GDP could increase fourfold to $200 billion, with an 8 per cent increase annually by 2030 to actually reach this point, it will need to invest an expected $320 billion.

However, the reward for human beings could be huge: 10 million non-agricultural employment could come from all these investments - in a land that is currently dependent on agribusiness. Neighboring China has spent $14 billion, or one third of all international investments in Myanmar. And, despite the penalties imposed over the past 30 years, more than $20 billion has been spent on Myanmar's conservation work.

However, some reviewers say that the hurry of overseas government and corporations to do businesses in Myanmar is too fast. There are many remaining policy and societal issues, among them ethnical tension between Buddhists and Muslims, which are not being fully tackled; youth employment, a relapse into a time when higher learning was frustrated; and colonization - many had to move to make room for the new town, and some are still awaiting reimbursement for the loss of landhold.

Will Myanmar be able to resolve its societal and policy issues? Is it true that the economy can be part of the reforms? Air Asia Chief Executive Officer Tony Fernandes; McKinsey Global Institute's Heang Chhor, who has written one of the most extensive financial accounts of Myanmar; Sean Turnell of Macquarie University in Australia, who is concerned with the country's policy changes; and Helen Clark, Director of the UN Development Programme.

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