Myanmar area and Population

The Myanmar area and population

( iii) the distribution of the population in urban and rural areas (urbanisation). The Yangon has the largest population in all of Myanmar, and its population is very diverse. Canadian population data (urban area). City Area Rank, City Population Rank, City, Country, City Population, City Area Population. The rapid population growth in Myanmar reduced the availability of land.

Demographics of Myanmar

Burma, or formally Myanmar, is gaining the world's interest, especially with some kind of poor recent news: Aside from all the policy implication, perhaps the most significant consequence of this choice - regardless of the result - is the fact that "We must tell the history of Burma". There are few real histories that transcend boundaries, and there is little insight into everyday civilian repression, such as the recent Sheffield Doc/Fest recordings of Burma Soldier.

Narrating Burma's history also involves studying the geographical area. Since this website is about mapping and visualization, this can be shown with a mapping to visualize Burma's fundamental geographical situation (drawing a mapping of the elections may be less useful given the dubious character of these elections and the general shortage of accurate data).

Below is a traditional Burmese geographical chart (labeled with select cities) in comparison to a grid population chart that visualizes population by population. Population maps show the importance of the Irrawaddy River Basin, Burma's most populous area. That is why the effects of Hurricane Nargis have been felt in this area just a few meters above the surface.

The Yangon (or Rangoon) with about 5 million inhabitants is located on the east side of the deltas. This was also the capitol of Burma until 2006, when the Burmese army regime chose to move the capitol from its principal population to a less populous but strategic area between Yangon and Mandalay.

Naypyidaw was consequently named the new capitol in March 2006. Mandalay, Burma's last imperial capitol and second biggest town, is the center of the economic important area of Oberburma, which is strongly marked by trade relations to the Chinese Yunnan provinces. The mountain areas in the north of the state are much less overpopulated.

range: Others - Rangoon (5.5 million inhabitants), Mandalay (1.2 million inhabitants). In some areas of the country there are persistent droughts. Yearly population increase:

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