Myanmar Archipelago

Burma Archipelago

Learn all about your day trip to the islands off Myanmar. The Myanmar Andaman Sea and Mergui Archipelago are located in the southern province of Myanmar. Snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar. Myanmar's Myeik Archipelago is usually referred to by the colonial name'Mergui Archipelago'.

Mergui Archipelago Itinerary

Recently Pwint Oo Khin was on vacation in the Mergui Archipelago. Learn all about your daily excursion to the Myanmar isles. It' my folk custom to discover new places in Myanmar once a year. We wanted to go to the most southern part of Myanmar this year, where there are plenty of sea food and beautiful sandy areas like never before.

One of the highlights of our holiday was without doubt a full days excursion to the Mergui Archipelago, which is located off the Myanmar coastline in the Andaman Sea and consists of over 800 islets. Myanmar, but also Ranongin Thailand, were just a stone's throw from Kawthaung.

We planned to visit 4 of the major archipelago islands: Horseshoe Isle, Pan Kyun Isle, Zadetkyi Isle and a heart-shaped one called Cock's Comb Isle. At about 9 o'clock we left Kawthaung for Horse Shoe Iceland, which lasted about one h.

Every isle that you cross has a different form and dimension. Swinging rock walls reminds me of the Great Wall of China, impenetrable, while other isles look like fungi and are almost all forested. As it seemed that we would never arrive, an isle with a large bend in the centre came into sight.

That was Horse Shoe Island! It' called Myin Khwar Island by the natives, and it's a great place to snorkel and see what's beneath the surface instead of on top. Only a brief trip by speed boat and we landed on Pan Island, where you will once again find wonderful marine life.

Cristal clear waters and sandy beaches make the whole thing just great! Canoeing together we could see and discover much more of the islands than one would have expected. Back to our speed boat, we put on snorkel gear and plunged back under the sea.

Can' t tell you how good it was to grill sea foods on a secluded little isle with different sauces. Awesome! In the afternoon, after dinner, we let our meal be digested on the ship as we made our way to Zadetkyi Isle. Can' t tell you how upset I was when I found out about the next isle we were going to visit.

Cock's Comb Iceland is known for its top view cardiac form. It is possible to go swimming under the isle, in small cavities and cavities that have been formed by years of degradation. In order to get into the interior of the heart-shaped isle, we floated into a cavern under the isle.

They connected some big cables from the ship to the inside of the cave, which led us into the grotto. After an unbelievable beautiful afternoon at about 5 pm we returned to Kawthaung.

By the end of the afternoon, we were exhausted from the swim and still excited to have seen one of Myanmar's great heaven. When we had explored the four isles, we drove back to the Victoria Cliff Hotel & Resort to unwind and take stock of how fortunate we were.

This is a very recommendable excursion for you in Myanmar.

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