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The Myanmar App Store

You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about Myanmar News. Co-founder of the Myanmar Mobile App Store ( The MyTelenor app is also available on the Google Play Store or App Store.

Search the Google Play Store for mobile app data for Myanmar. Simply do it if you need to download an application that is not available in Myanmar.

Myanmar News on the App Store

Burma is a free and simple to use Myanmar newsletter that combines messages from over 30 major Chinese and English language information resources. - Stay up to date with the latest top stories from the most common message agencies. - See the current Myanmar Kyat foreign rate. - Review the latest from over 30 domestic and overseas RSS Sites.

  • Includes news in Burmese, British and ethnical language. - News via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

Bible Society of Myanmar on the App Store

The app is only available on the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch units. Welcome to the Bible Society of Myanmar application for iPhone, iPod dock and iPad. You can now hear, speak and speak God's Word in Burmese, Chin Cho, Chin Falam, Chin Haka, Chin Matu, Chin Tiddim and English.

Wear the Myanmar Biblical App wherever you go. If you have already clicked on the button, we have also refreshed the page with a new user surface and new functions! We' ve upgraded the Event page with a new user surface and new functions! Wherever I go, I can always see the Scriptures!

Wherever I go, I can always see the Scriptures! Can' t even reread a Unicode scripture. Can' t even reread a Unicode scripture.

Burma App Store launches schedules this months as developer struggling to make cash

MYANMAR' s handset subscribers will soon be able to use scratching maps to buy applications after a free download of a free copy of Google Play Store starts later this months. Dinga was founded by Yangon-based Technomation to help engineers who are trying to monetize their work due to problems with payment transactions and bank infrastructures.

He' s contracted tens of thousands of local development engineers whose applications cover gaming and book, educational and multimedia content. Whilst the Google Play Store for Android phones - by far the most visited model in Myanmar - was opened to the public in 2012, it is still not possible to download purchased applications due to the residual global sanction.

Moreover, the overwhelming bulk of the country's populace still has no bank account, making payment by bank cards even more onerous. Designers have been experimenting with a wide range of alternate ways to make a living, which includes the sale of applications on flash drives to telephone stores for resell. "There is a paying services that allows users to buy an app by withdrawing cash from their mobile phones," says David Madden, an Aussie technology company headquartered in Yangon.

Mying Naung said that Technomation will reduce Dinga traffic by 30 percent. Finally, he is hoping to incorporate the business of paying by bank cards - when the land is prepared.

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