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We present our new and improved My Ooredoo App! We' re setting up an online application centre to help our customers find you and your solutions. Centre for Social Integrity, Yangon, Myanmar. Type of submission - personally at the application centre. Send the requirements to the VFS Visa Application Center.

Myanmar Business Today

MySquar, the Myanmar-focused app provider, has embraced the reversal of US sanctioning of Myanmar and said that the move "goes even further than the organization had hoped". Myanmar-based MySquar, a Myanmar-based online community, said that one of its cell phone games had become "viral" and attracted over 1.5 million registrants within the first five week of its inception.

Ministry of Hotels and Tourism said it was aiming to start a portable app to provide more convenient travel-related information and information for travelers arriving in Myanmar. The Pokemon Go was published in Myanmar on Saturday August 6th and the match attracted the interest of potential coaches in the state.

Market Myanmar has released a cell phone match called "Fantasy Football". Myanmar Telenor has hosted the Telenor Youth Forum (TYF), which takes place in conjunction with the Nobel Peace Center and gathers young executives from Telenor's 13 stores to address societal issues through the use of electronic media tools.

The Telenor Group recently organized a two-day Telenor Young Asia Platform to research, debate and find answers to some of Asia's greatest young people issues. Myanmar Telenor has released the latest update of its Myanmar Portable Medical App "Mate", which has been collaboratively created with the Marie Stopes Myanmar healthcare organization. The release of the latest release marked the first year of the introduction of the app.

Jovago has launched an Android extranet app that works with Myanmar. The rapid growth of mobile phone use across Myanmar has led the population into the global era, and the growing number of individuals on the web is driving the need for service.

Agrimobile app| Green Route

Academic skills paired with fieldwork and teaching experiences from growers with whom we have trained forced us to develop this app. It is our mission to help growers increase their yields and incomes by sharing our expertise in this area. In this context, we have studied the needs, behaviour and growing environment of growers and worked with them.

In order to help growers in time, a group of technicians produce the necessary contents using agro-ecological areas, harvesting schedules and the season. We know what growers need and we know who can help and help them so that we can make connections for a win-win result.

The close cooperation with growers is helping us to better understanding their needs. Knowing about possible dramatic changes in climates and meteorological conditions could be one way to prevent the huge loss of Myanmar's population. All of the responses are provided by specialist engineers who help growers find efficient responses to their issues.

As a result, growers are able to make informed decisions about sales price and trading hours. Since we are supporting Myanmar-based peasants, the content is in the Myanmar langua. This app is now used by growers in all cities where MYANMAR' s web access is available.

Welcome to the Myanmar agriculture world.

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