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Download useful apps before visiting Myanmar. We recommend that you download the following apps from your device's App Store before arriving in Myanmar. View reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about JJ Express Myanmar. Are you looking for Mobile App Development Agencies in Myanmar (Burma)? Burma Startup wins Best Asia App at Digital Winners.

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Wherever possible, Shwe Job refers to Myanmar's current labor legislation, but also complements it with workplace protection and hygiene guidelines built on various global benchmarks and best practice. SMART Myanmar is funded by the European Union. GIZ provided extra funds for this app. It is the exclusive responsability of the SMART Myanmar App and cannot be reconciled in any way with the European Union or GIZ view.

Some 120 clothing employees took part in the meeting.

Some 120 clothing employees took part in the meeting. Plant employees are relaxing at Sunday Cafe II during the opening ceremony for Shwe Job on May 1. Plant employees are relaxing at Sunday Cafe II during the opening ceremony for Shwe Job on May 1. Where possible, Shwe Job refers to Myanmar's current labor legislation, but also complements it with supplementary OSH guidance on the basis of internationally accepted norms and best practice.

It is not intended to be exhaustive or binding, but to convey and expand know-how in a form that is accessible to plant labor. Included in Shwe Job is also a pay calculator - another useful feature to help you calculate your pay. "When we first began working with Myanmar's apparel operatives, less than 1% had smartphones.

It' s this unbelievable transformation that has led us to develop a learning aid that can make full use of the latest and most pertinent technologies". It is an active support and promotion of SCP ( "Made in Myanmar") - a approach focusing on the efficient use of resources and corporate citizenship.

The Yangon Journey App meets Android

The Yangon Reiseapplikation, which is supposed to illuminate the city's legacy and drive hikers off the well-trodden paths, comes to Android. The Hong Kong-based corporate citizen services provider Urban Discovery has had a Yangon-focused iDiscovery Cloud Drive app on the iPhone since November 2014. Since 2013, the organization has been providing application-related trips across a fistful of sites, such as Bali, Java and Macau.

Ester van Steekelenburg, founding director of the city' s largest discovery firm, said the business was created out of outrage. She went on to say that the aim of Urban Discovery is to increase people' s consciousness of the legacy from an economical point of views, which will help them to outlive. At first Yangon is free of many of the largest franchise companies in the business without getting a McDonald's burger or a subway sub.

However, the world' s leading companies such as KFC and Krispy Kreme are coming onto the scene - and van Steekelenburg sees a Starbucks on every nook and cranny in the world. Yangon App offers four walking tours through the city centre, the secretariat, the Indian quarter and the city of China. This app "gives you the feeling of getting lost without getting lost," says van Steekelenburg. iDiscovery is aimed at a burgeoning flood of travelers who travel to Yangon to go on holiday and do businesses there.

Most of Urban Discovery's clients come from Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the USA, says van Steekelenburg. Myanmar's tourist industry has exploded since the opening of the nation in 2011. U Htay Aung, Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, said that by the end of December 4.7 million visitors will have arrived in the state, as already mentioned by the Myanmar Times.

Yangon iPhone app is free, but the downloaded hikes are $1.99 each. A spokesman for the corporation, however, said that free Yangon hikes will be available for download by the end of the year. The proceeds go to nature protection and maintenance, said van Steekelenburg. The proceeds from the India Quarter Walking Tours are going to Yangon Walking Tours, the business said, while the proceeds of the others go to Yangon Heritage Works.

Others may join Urban Discovery in the near term. Meanwhile, the Myanmar catering manager 57 Below, the enterprise behind Union Bar, Parami Pizza and Gecko and other facilities in Yangon, also supported the scheme. They" essentially payed to meet our expenses, to cure the content," said van Steekelenburg.

The app could be bi-lingual with the Myanmarese.

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