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I am Begineer Android developer from Myanmar. Certified myanmar applications from certified developers. The most popular mobile phones (and trays, televisions, etc.) in Myanmar. Simply follow these steps and you will be able to view Myanmar fonts on all rooted Android devices.

Burma applications for Android phones and tablets.

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Myanmar: Zawgyi and Unicode - CommCare Government

The purpose of this site is to collect information, experiences and best practice about the portrayal of Myanmar personalities on Android phones. We hope that Myanmar's IT4D and CommCare associations will help put them into practice. The Unicode protocol is a set of standards that define how text is stored in text and how it is used.

Nearly all fonts in the Unicode industry, Burmese included, are Unicode. Developed with care by professionals around the globe, this global industry standards is widely accepted by almost all current platforms-not just key Windows, Mac and Linux OSs, but also cell phone OSs and many more.

Toggling the typeface of a text typeted in Arial to Times New Roman only changes the display of the letters: an A would still be an A, a Bi would still be a Bi, and so on. The reason for this is that Arial and Times New Roman both comply with the Unicode standard: the different characters of the alpha in the computer's internal buffer are shown in the same way in both typefaces.

The Zawgyi typeface was developed at a period when Unicode was not yet a widespread global norm. Nowadays Zawgyi is the most used typeface in Myanmar. It is not Unicode-compliant and in many respects violates the Unicode-standards. If you compare the Unicode card from Burma with the Zawgyi card, you will see the major problems with this font:

Wikipedia Myanmar Fellowship page contains a more detailed debate about Unicode vs. Zawgyi and has good hyperlinks to additional scripts and convertingools. Prior to Android 4.4, the Myanmar interface was not supported at all. Smartphones that are available in Myanmar with an older Android release are equipped with Zawgyi as standard.

Kit Kat (version 4.4+) android native support Myanmar with a Unicode conformface. Some manufacturers, however, are replacing the Unicode conform typeface with Zawgyi for mobile telephones distributed in Southeast Asia. In general, Android mobile telephones purchased in Myanmar should be able to show Myanmar letters. To enter Myanmar, however, a Myanmar-compliant keypad program must be in use.

Different packagings should be used according to the typeface you install on a particular machine (the default Unicode-compatible typeface or Zawgyi). Use the Unicode sign MYANMAR SYMBOL AFOREMENTIONED (Unicode U+104E) for a good test as: It is an organised graphical display of all signs and their corresponding value, which are used for a certain typeface within a single machine.

With the help of a drawing table the display of the Unicode sign U+104E can be verified. These images were created with Unicode CharMap. U+104E can be verified for code points.

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