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U.S. Call Myanmar handling Rohingya'ethnic cleansing' | World Intelligence

United States has described Myanmar's armed operations against the Rohingya people as" ethnical cleansing" and threatens to impose specific penalties on those guilty of the so-called" horrific atrocities". "Rex Tillerson, Undersecretary of State, said in a declaration using a phrase he averted during his visit to Myanmar last weekend, "The Rakhine state in the north is an ethnical purge against the Rohingya.

"The United States will also prosecute the accountsability of US legislation, as well as possible "targeted sanctions" against those guilty of the allegations of abuse that have led tens of tens of thousands of Rohingya to neighboring Bangladesh, he said. The US ambassador to Myanmar said on Thursday mornings that it had provisionally postponed the visit of US civil servants to parts of the state of Rakhine, and quoted fears about possible protest following Tillerson's statements.

Refreshing further pressures on Myanmar's political and civil leadership, the UN commissioner for sexually assaulted violent conflicts said Wednesday that allegations of acts of atrocity against Rohingya woman and girl by the army could lead to acts of war, crime against mankind and gender murder. Mr Patten, who visited many Rohingya casualties of sexually motivated acts of cruelty in the Bangladesh camp this past months, said she fully supports the view of UN Head of the UN Department of Homeland Security Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein that Rohingya has become a victim of "ethnic cleansing".

At a press briefing in New York, Patten said at a press briefing that the proliferation of the use of sexually assaulted Rohingya for more than 620,000 refugees from Myanmar was clearly a "driver and force". This was" also a deliberate means of terrorism designed to destroy and eliminate the Rohingya as a group," she added.

Law enforcement officials have charged Myanmar's armed forces with cruelty, involving killing, massive raping and incendiary activities, against destitute Rohingya during so-called eviction missions following Rohingya fighters' August attack on 30 polices and an armed forces outpost. Over 600,000 Rohingya Muslims have escaped from the state of Rakhine in Myanmar since the suppression that followed the insurgents' aggression.

"This abuse by some among the army, peacekeepers and community civilians has inflicted enormous hardship and displaced tens of millions of men, women criminals and kids from their homes," Tillerson said. Myanmar's two-year administration, headed by Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, is subject to strong global criticism for its reaction to the crises, even though it has no command over the commanding general with whom it has shared office.

"It is not a fully under her control, but we are certainly relying on her to take the lead and also work with the civil administration and the army to tackle the crisis," a high-ranking US officer said to a teleconference call to journalists. A second high-ranking US officer on the appeal said that the concept of "ethnic cleansing" is neither internationally nor US-based and has no inherent concrete implications.

"It is likely to generate more mistrust between the United States and Myanmar's army and administration and bring them nearer to China, Russia and its more dictatorial neighbours in South East Asia," he added. One UN officer described the September operations as a book case of "ethnic cleansing", but so far the US has evaded the notion.

WASH has tried to reconcile his wish to reconcile the civil rule in Myanmar, where it is competing for power with China, with his wish to blame the army for the abuse. U.S. authorities also fear that the abuse of Rohingya's Islamic minorities could stir up extremism.

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