Myanmar and Malaysia Change Money

Burma and Malaysia change money

Yes, I said months, things are changing so fast in Myanmar! Myanmar's blogs are quickly outdated as the situation changes every day. Date, Malaysian ringgit to Bangladesh Taka, Link. to serve Burma's overseas workforce. The Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) issues money exchange licenses to authorized dealers.

All you need to know about traveling to Myanmar

If they say that tough streets often result in nice targets, that's the case with Myanmar. The trip to and around Myanmar is not particularly simple, but the trip is definitely worthwhile. Myanmar is a tourist region like no other, from preparing for a trip such as applying for a visas and purchasing Myanmar's scarce commodity to navigation in this land of wealth.

These are some things you need to know about traveling in Myanmar. If you are not citizens of nine ASEAN states, such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Brunei, who are traveling to Myanmar without a valid visas for 15 nights, you will need a visas to arrive in Myanmar. Yes, this means that Malaysians and other nationals must either obtain a tourism visas (single admission, 28 days) or a commercial visas (single admission, 60 days).

Review the message in your own state to find out how you can submit your application, the procedure is usually relatively simple. From July 2017, only commercial visa will be available at Myanmar's airport (Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Phi Taw), so make sure you have all necessary documents before your journey, otherwise you will be refused entry.

Visas are not available at the border on arrivals, so please make sure you are prepared when you travel ashore. Myanmaryat ( "MMK"), spoken as "chat", is the offical language. It is almost not possible to get out of the countryside, so make sure you make a few dollars before your journey and then convert some into Kyoto when you get there.

We have a few money changer that offer decent prices when you get to Yangon International. You can also make cash withdrawals from cash machines at the airports and in the city. Tip: Pay attention to crunchy and clear US dollar banknotes that are not older than 2016, as the money change machines are very rigorous with the banknotes.

A small crack or stain will invalidate them in Myanmar. Cabs in Myanmar seldom run by the metre and can be somewhat pricey in comparison to the neighboring countries Thailand or Malaysia. The Yangon Circular Train, which runs on a ribbon through 38 stops in the town, is a favourite way to visit Yangon.

The MMK 200 is a very affordable 3 hour rail journey and gives you a good view of the way of living in Yangon, or get in and out wherever you want. GrabTaxi and Uber Ride-hailing applications are both available in Yangon. You have four ways to explore the land - adventure (train), expense (plane), fun (bus) and just out of the ordinary (boat).

To make an unforgettable note in your itinerary, take the Mandalay or Bagan cruise along the famous Irrawady River. Long-haul trips are served by JJ Express and Shwe Mandalar Express and others. Air Asia operates flights from Kuala Lumpur and various locations to Yangon.

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