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How many miles and kilometers from Bangladesh to Myanmar, how far is it from Bangladesh to Myanmar? "Myanmar's maritime border: @antonioguterres, UN Secretary-General, on his way to Bangladesh. Myanmar to Bangladesh itinerary / road map is available. Toggle between satellite image, road map and terrain map, zoom in and out and pan.

Exclusive: Thailand and Bangladesh protest against the alleged use of landmines near the frontier

The military crackdowns caused by an Rohingya insurgency raid on Myanmar's 25 August have resulted in the death of at least 400 troops and the expulsion of almost 125,000 Rohingya to Bangladesh, resulting in a serious human rights war. Asked whether Bangladesh had filed the appeal, Foreign Minister Shahidul Haque replied "Yes" without explaining it in more detail.

Another three resources confirm that a letter of complaint was sent by fax to Myanmar this past day saying that the Buddhist minority is in violation of world standards. In Myanmar, a Myanmar based force said that in the 1990s land mines were placed along the frontier to stop unauthorised entry, and the army has since tried to clear them.

According to both wells Bangladesh has learnt about the land mines mainly through photographs and informants. Wells did not clear whether the groups were in uniforms, but added that they were certain that they were not Rohingya upholders. On Tuesday, one of the boys was struck near a checkpoint before being taken to Bangladesh for medical attention, while another was injured slightly, Khan said, and added that the bomb may have been a mine blow.

One Rohingya fugitive, who on Monday went to the site of the explosion - on a sidewalk nearby, where violent escapees crowd together in a no-man's-land on the frontier - filming what looked like a mine: a disk of about 10 centimetres in size, partly covered in silt.

Myanmar's military has not spoken out about the explosions near the frontier. Myanmar's head of state, Aung San Suu Kyi, Zaw Htay, was not immediately available. Mostafa Kamal Uddin, Undersecretary of the Home Office of Bangladesh, did not reply to phone requests for comments. Boundary posts referred to by the Dhaka springs indicate the borders of the two lands where Myanmar has part of the barbwire fences.

The majority of the 217 km long borders of the two lands are inaccessible. Myanmar, until recently under armed domination and one of the most minefielded nations in the entire planet, is one of the few non-signatories to the 1997 UN Mine Ban Treaty.

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