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Baker & McKenzie has been supporting its customers in opening up new fields for 60 years. The opening of our first Myanmar branch in 2014 is proof of this engagement and serves as an advance post for potential foreign investor looking for further expansion in the state. We also have attorneys in Myanmar and around the world to assist our law firms in developing their Myanmar strategy and establishing offices in the area. They support companies investing at all phases of Myanmar's economic upswing.

Chambers World for General in Yangon works with our counterparts in our ASEAN office to provide advice to customers in the areas of FDI, financial, intellectual estate, taxation, capital market, and M&A. The Chambers World for General Office is located in Yangon. We are a premier international practice with a local footprint in Myanmar and know the fast developing local legislative and regulative environments and the legislators and organizations that drive it forward so that we can help our mandators cope with the complexity and often unclear nature of the market.

While the Myanmar administration is continuing to liberalize the Myanmar business community, we have participated in important projects such as the development of a social bill.

Locate all web development work in Myanmar

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