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We will put all our efforts into a long-term and beneficial cooperation with all parties involved. Always pay attention to your personal safety. Looking for a job in Myanmar? Resident DJ plays Hip Hop, R&B, House, Latino Myanmar Remix at Ladies Night (Wednesday), Latino Night (Friday), Myanmar Remix (Sunday). I would like to take this opportunity, the New Year in Myanmar, to wish all the people of Myanmar throughout the country physical and mental well-being.

Webhosting for .mm in Myanmar

Use the advantages of functions like: Infinite disk space, unrestricted bandwidth, unrestricted FTP and email at an affordable rate. You can use our Web Presence Builder to build your own Myanmar .mm page so that you can begin earning money before you even get started with your new page.

Contains all the power of the Personal Website plus: Get on your plates and build your very own personal brand. Contains all the high-performance functions of the Personal & Buisness Website plus: Drag-and-drop editors, advanced search engine optimization, blogging and more!

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It is a world-class network that can help you reach over 55 million people. We offer a full range of extensive network of commercial expansions, including commercialization, import, custom processing, trademark and products handling, retail, marketing, retail, labor relationship managment, retail, field merchandising and production, purchasing, warehousing, direct mail, warehouse, physical delivery, and after-sale.

With our unrivalled regional ecosystem and deep sector expertise, we offer you all the key support you need to expand your operations in the Myanmar area. MDG strives to offer outstanding customer care across four key sales channels. Find out how we can help you in Myanmar - our partners are dedicated to you - partners from the very beginning" Wanted: Members of a strong sales group.

MDG's networking structure, logistics know-how, sales, supply channel services, sales, marketing support and logistics capabilities help FMCG brands grow their markets in Myanmar.

There is a wide choice of training courses, both open and customized.

There is a wide choice of open and tailor-made courses. Some of our favorite subjects are: Our experience in M&E supporting your project, programme, organisation and network. Some of the M&E supports we can offer are, among others We are often asked as trainers to create various types of course content, such as instructor manuals and student e-book.

Previous experiences include train-the-trainer training sessions, farming sessions and a WASH curriculum. At the moment, we can administer your local project or co-develop new ones and currently administer a four-year assistance to assist state agriculture institutes in Myanmar, which is funded by the Dutch non-UK.

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