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Each of our specialists has travelled a lot or lived in their fields. I only needed one chance (Myanmar version). Everything's going very well. The same fighter was shown on all videos, Abu Ammar Junooni. Is it all the way in?

United defended their choice to travel Myanmar

A British FA squad told of their intention to travel to Myanmar, despite security issues in the state. United, who are playing in the championship, the second division of British football, planned two matches that will take place on 9 and 11 May against a Myanmar NHL all-star side in Yangon, also known as Rangoon, and the country's international side in Mandalay.

ASER, the sport management association of the Italien association proprietor Andrea Radrizzani, is sponsoring the trip. It is a partner of the Myanmar based AYA and is seen by the association as an opportunity to expand its worldwide coverage. But after the expulsion of more than 700,000 people from the Muslim municipality of Rohingya in Myanmar since August last year, the area continues to be a place of tension and warfare.

Now the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises to prevent "anything but necessary travel", with Mr LĂ©eds himself asking supporters to wait for more information before organising a trip. He has won the game three seasons but has not been in the Premier League since his descent in 2004.

Radrizzani went through several teams management and ownership roles during this period before Radrizzani made an investment of over 100 million ($139 million) and last past summers a 100% acquisition of the clubs, including the purchase of Elland Roadadium. A number of people have called into question the choice of bringing the group to Myanmar, also known as Burma, because of the regional tension.

" On the contrary, soccer brings pleasure and has no policy. I' m looking forward to going to develop nations and supporting grassroots soccer and getting involved with the game.

" Mr. Becker went on to say that the team will not receive a match commission. Angus Kinnear, Executive Director of the Leeds Clubs, also explains the visit on Leeds' website: "Myanmar is one of the most rapidly expanding countries in Southeast Asia and loves the game.

You have set yourself a number of ambitions for the advancement of popular and top level soccer, which we are thankful for. "As well as the games, they will also run soccer hospitals with Myanmar FA academies and plan to visit various places in the game. The Leeds is a team that has already received great global backing and still sees itself as a Premier League side, although it has not played in the premier league for 14 years.

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