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Missing copyrights plague Myanmar's musician

A singer' s live in Myanmar may seem dazzling, but actually we "celebrities" in the music industry are facing a whole series of issues, although for my part I have recorded a whole record, seven group records and a cassette, CD/DVD. One of our major issues is the absence of a copyrights system for our records and video.

I have to admit that we also made copies of my own interpretations of foreign music, and converted them into Myanmar music. There are many street-side CD vendors who copy our music video without our consent. Obviously, many folks can't buy the genuine records they like because the market is so slack.

A number of TV broadcasters and radios are playing our music video, but without payment to the musician, although the Musikverein has decided on the musicians' royalties. It is also a busy area with many new voices performing in many vocal competitions.

Now, many renowned professionals are fighting to perform in music shows to reach their audience. It' s very hard to get into a good show, see good music organizers and even perform once a mont. Music was a hard sell and we had to lose a lot of good ones.

Producer give up the production of album and music video because they have dropped out. This makes us singers try to make our own records, but it's tricky and costly. That means it's so tough to get our music out all over the land. A number of businesses that use public shows to support their product do not really take much notice of the artist or musician they engage.

They' re spending just enough to organize music shows with a new breed of up-and-coming vocalists, so some professionals have missed the opportunity to perform. In the face of all these problems in our life and in our music, we fight jealousy against each other to be successful. We' re just trying to make a better life and better music in Myanmar.

Our state is now beginning to do better, as the new NLD administration is heading in the right directions. Speaking as a vocalist in many NLD cities, I promoted my vote to help the NLD secure the elections in November 2015 by sung my tune "All the peoples dear General Aung San" in Burmese with texts by W. Maw, the Shwe Than Zin band's leading guitare.

Supporting my own nation, I was singing for our National Liberation Leaders and now for the new NLD state. I' m hoping you can help us. Hopefully, with a good copyrights system and pay from the press, our artists will also see improvements. If that happens, I really expect the good music makers to come back and help our nation to create good vocalists and album music.

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