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All Myanmar Film Video

That is why we have made almost all the videos you see on this page. And I didn't like it because I was editing music videos, so it's not really creative. I' ve attended all kinds of filmmaker workshops. If you cook This main curry brings your whole family to your dining table. I can only say that Myanmar is in the midst of great changes, for better or for worse.

MYANMAR 7 days

Burma is a pagoda of gold where the life of a multitude of peoples is dominated by rice paddies, Buddhism and streams. Behind the curtains of red-hot flowers is a dreamy fairyland. It is a riverbank town and the capitol of Myanmar.

Charhtatkyi Pagoda contains one of the biggest inclined Buddha sculptures in the whole wide area. The Shan State Express is a resounding name for a singular platoon that sails to northern Myanmar and the Shan's mythical state.

The town of Pyin U Lwin, also known as Meymo, was once a UK army stronghold and still offers a certain nostalgic atmosphere, as the trip by rail usually lasts more than twelve hour and bull trucks take the visitor to one of the most interesting structures in Mingun, the Mingun Pagoda.

This is the biggest pit stop in the whole word and was constructed by a large number of workmen who constructed this seventy-two meter broad and fifty meter high build. Before the visit to the biggest Buddhist remains in the worid, the visitor can experience a variety of dancing and dancing.

Classic myths and legends form this dramatic tidbit, for which every puppet player is up to sixty string players in charge, and every trip through Myanmar is a trip into the past and into a secret realm of dream and mysticism. The gate to paradise is opening and reveals a beautiful country of time!

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