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Drive by car from Bago to Mount Kyaiktiyo (golden rock) in Myanmar (Burma) and back. If you are looking for our normal premium vehicle range, please search on All vehicles. Would you like to welcome to a showroom and talk to a Volvo representative in Myanmar? Each vehicle is equipped with reclining seats, footrest, air conditioning, mobile refrigerator* and power supply* (*depending on vehicle type). In all our rental cars you will find car, driver and petrol.

Japaneese automobiles are enjoying life after death in Myanmar, but not for long.

DIE Japan build automobiles that last, but are relatively quick to change. It is a long-lasting production and conscientious use of a valued domestic commodity that works well for the remainder of the globe; many nations are importing large quantities of older Japan car. Myanmar is the third most visited tourist country, importing over 80,000 used Japan car in the first nine month of this year, according to Japan's International Auto Trade Association.

Motorists believe that Toyotas, Hondas and Nissans can exist on the country's marked streets, which is not yet the case in the case of vehicles from Korea and China. There' s only one problem: Japan goes right, Myanmar right. So most Myanmar riders are on the other side of the car, where it is more difficult to see the opposite side of the road.

Sit in the front of a Honda cab on a small country lane and you may be asked to complete unusual tasks, such as letting your rider know when it is safer to pass a slowly driving truck without meeting a motorbike, a flock of kids or a hood without hood that goes the other way.

The World Health Organization says Myanmar has the highest death toll per car among the ten members of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN). This is a silvery Toyota that has everything in front of the windshield, and a Suzuki in front of the windshield, which now also has a tailgate.

Myanmar's authorities regularly tighten regulations to keep older and less secure vehicles off the country's highways. She said in October that she would allow individual people to buy only vehicles made in 2016 or later. After this year there will be no further licences for right-hand drivers. Next year Suzuki will open a new facility for left-hand drivers outside Yangon and expand the current facility in the eastern part of the town.

However, the amendment will force the driver to buy a car that is either more costly or less authentic in Japan. For example, the new left-hand driving Corolla, which is on show at the Toyota dealer "Mingalar" in Yangon, was manufactured in Thailand and, at 33,900 dollars, is over 26 fold as high as the per capita domestic inncome.

People in Yangon, where motorbikes are forbidden, cycle or just enjoy three-wheeled "trishaws" along the curb. With more Myanmar riders moving to the lefthand seats, it will be much more visible but these curb -sliders will be more vulnerable than ever.

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