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Burma. fuck video myanmar girl (ma nada). tags : asian. Those videos are so extreme, they've been banned. Nowadays it is sought after throughout China as a status symbol, collector's item and investment.

However, some say all the fun masks a growing problem: sexual harassment of women. The deadlocked democratic transition in Burma has given way to a massive human rights and humanitarian crisis.

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Burma Aim for ISIS assault after Muslims were hit on video | World | News

Following a disgraceful prosecution of Muslims in the country, MYANMAR faces the threat of an ISIS-inspired terrorist outbreak. This unconfirmed video - made in a Myanmar area surrounded by mystery because of its intensive army coverage - quickly became virtual after it was distributed on-line.

Myanmar's de facto head Aung San Suu Kyi's bureau appointed four senior military personnel to take part in the surgery, which according to a state paper was part of a reference to the housing of fighters in the town. The video, however, has attracted the interest of would-be extremist internationalists who are likely to visit the area to play "Jihad" against Myanmar official.

Mydin Pitchay said more fighters would be following the suspect's example to back the Rohingya case. Mr Rohan Gunaratna, safety specialist at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, said the ISIS missions in the area were" committed to carrying out assaults both within Myanmar and against Myanmar destinations overseas".

"Myanmar's greatest danger comes from Islamic state systems. 11 Nobel laureates have charged the Myanmar authorities with "ethnic cleansing" during their actions against the area. An analyst has cautioned the large number of Rohingya immigrants, who are all a prospective recruit for fighters group.

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