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Politics in Myanmar: inventing commonalities, practicing differences. Burma's Alin and mirror Kyemon are preparing to transform into public media. From these, Yadanabon, Myanma Alin, The Mirror, Thurira, Santawchain and.

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Descriptive/Topic:This is a synthesis of what UNHCR spokesman Charlie Yaxley - to whom the text cited can be ascribed - said at today's news conference at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, 6 July...The Government of Bangladesh and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Relief Agency, have started a common verifying drill for Rohingya escapees in Bangladesh.

Launched at the end of June and scheduled to last up to six month, the drill will help strengthen a single data base for conservation, identification tracking, documenting, aid delivery, demography and finally solving an estimate of 900,000 displaced persons who have escaped from Myanmar to Bangladesh.

Review will be crucial in determining the identity of migrants and their stated places of provenance in Myanmar. It will also help improve the precision of information on Bangladeshi displaced persons by assisting the government and our relief agencies to better understand the needs of these people, to better anticipate and provide better relief and support, and to prevent overwork.

Descriptive/Topic: "More than half a million Rohingya migrants have escaped violent attacks in Myanmar. Rohingya are a Stateless Islamic minorities in Myanmar. Myanmar's last expedition began on 25 August 2017, when violent conflict erupted in Myanmar's state of Rakhine. Most Rohingya migrants arriving in Bangladesh are wives and infants, even newborns.

Description/Idex:BURMA: Animal 3 "The Burmese authorities do not fully comply with the minimal human smuggling effort and are making no significant effort to downgrade Burma to Animal 3. In spite of the absence of significant effort, the authorities have persecuted and sentenced human smugglers and found more casualties than in the year before.

The Commission has also provided funds for awareness-raising to prevent the recruiting and use of children's soldiers. But Burma's Tatmadaw have displaced in Rakhine state tens of millions of Rohingya and other ethnical groups, many of whom have been exploited because of their expulsion in Burma, Bangladesh and elsewhere in the area.

As the Tatmadaw pursued its effort to locate and demobilise infantile troops in its own numbers, the events of illegal recruiting and use of infantile troops were reviewed, and the regime took penalties against former infantile troops for deserting, supposedly defaming and deceiving them. Public officials continue to hinder the UN from taking a positive part in the eradication of the recruiting and use of minors by ethnically based groups (EAGs), a process allegedly increasing due to the unsettled areas' safety post.

Tatmadaw also called on forces to obtain their own labour and provisions from community authorities, thus maintaining the labour exploitation of the population. It has been said that civil servants were involved in both sexual and human traffic, inter alia by obstructing the prosecution of the offenders. There have been some attempts by the authorities to find legal responsibility for officers involved in human traffic but not for the recruiting and use of infantile soldiers...."

Description/Topic:BURMA: BURMA: Animal 2 Watch Lists "The Burmese authorities do not fully comply with the minimal human smuggling targets, but are making considerable work. Burma has been selected to the Tiger 2 Watch Lists as a result of important successes achieved by the Burmese authorities during the year. Among these successes were further advances in the hiring and deployment of infantile troops, a larger number of anti-trafficking staff and the first persecutions of civil servants since the adoption of the Anti-Trafficking Act in 2005.

Strengthening its effort to target casualties in endangered frontier areas, the aim of recruiting staff for human smuggling in all community services across the nation, the administration pursued collaboration with multinational agencies to help in identifying and demobilizing child labourers who had been enlisted in the army, culminated in the liberation of 112 people enlisted as CHILD.

In spite of these accomplishments, the administration continues to urge its own labour force and stockpiles from indigenous populations, thereby raising the incidence of hard labour; it has not been able to adequately punish army officers involved in the recruiting of infantile soldiers; and it has avoided the UN assuming a positive part in ending the recruiting and use of infants by ethnically-motivated groups.

During the whole report year, efforts to identify and protect trafficked persons were inadequate due to resource constraints and a general shortage of co-ordination and consciousness among the main governmental and prosecuting bodies; the bodies continue to detain trafficked persons for actions they have had to take due to traffic in people?

Descriptive/Topic: "Gold is precious, but it is invaluable, that's a Chines proverb. However, the Emperor's rock provides a condemnation of the deaths of Myanmar's treasury seekers, where China's Jadeite comes from. Much of Myanmar's rough green has entered a dark and dark world. However, Harvard University's Ash Center puts overall revenues from the sale of Java - even through informal sources - at $8 billion in 2011 alone, indicating that most of the revenues will not go to the treasury.

Myanmar's administration won't talk to us on film. However, our investigation shows a high-ranking corruption officer of the state working with business people in the illicit trafficking of Rohjade, involving assistance in forgery of fiscal forgeries. Major coal miners ceased operation here in 2012 after the Kachin Independence Army and the Myanmar administration went to arms strike last year and ended a 17-year-fire.

Descriptive/Topic:".... Integrated developpment to guide, harmonize and co-ordinate policy and programme supporting the overall goals of the Programme; and supporting result-oriented developpment through a time-bound objective and goals to reach this visions and policy priority to assist the implementation of the Programme in core areas.

Descriptive/Topic:Human Rights Council: It' s responsibility in Myanmar DECLARATIONS AND PRESS RELEASES: From the Human Rights Foundation of Monland...Karen Global Action in Ottawa: From the Karen Community of Canada....The Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) represents #WithRefugees: Karen Human Rights Group...Statement in support of Karen Global Action for Peace in Burma/Myanmar From Karen Peace Support Network...Swedwatch machine suppliers do not recognise human rights risks in Myanmar's Jade mines...Opening statement and global update of human rights worries by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein at 38:

The Burma Army lays landmines in civilian areas through free Burma Rangers....studying orchids, enrichening life through Karen Environmental and Social Action Network....overlooked and undermined: We are going to disrupt everything: military responsibility for human rights violations in the state of Rakhine, Myanmar...The Special Rapporteur's call for public responsibility for Rohingya atrocities must be supported with actions....Myanmar:

Sources/Publishing House: "Progressive Voice" Description/Topic: "These are the lectures of the free UBC[University of British Colombia,I think] course entitled CLIMATIC LITERacy: The Navigating Climatic Conversations, which deals with the academic and socio-political dimension of climatic changes. The course presents the fundamentals of the climatic system, modelling and forecasting, anthropogenic and environmental effects, mitigating and adaptable reactions and the development of climatic-policies.

The course provided the foundation for the Understanding Climate Change book: Descriptive/Item:''Mr President, honourable Members, it is an honour for me to speak again to this Council and present my verbal progression reports under UNHRCR 37/32 on the state of the country's people. It instructs me to "continue to observe the state of the Union's respect for fundamental rights" and "measure our achievements in implementing the Special Rapporteur's recommendations".

It is my observation that the motion also calls on the Government of Myanmar "to immediately re-establish its co-operation with the Special Rapporteur in the performance of the term of office, not least by making further missions easier". I would like to stress from the beginning that I still wish the Myanmar Government to return to its work with my re-electures.

It was very hard to carry out the task and fulfil the tasks assigned to me by the Council because, unlike the Council resolutions of March, I still had no entry to that state. I am also sorry to say to the Council that I have had no response from the Indian Government to my plea to come to New Delhi, Mizoram and the State of Jammu and Kashmir to see the Myanmar migrants living in India.

Sources/Editor: Progressive Voice rapporteur on the human rights situation Introduction / Topic: "The report on Myanmar's National Adaptation Programme (NAPA) is part of the LCDF-funded United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) National Adaptation Programme Preparation Programme report, carried out by the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, Ministry of Transport of Union of the Republic of Myanmar.

Myanmar's climatic changes and climatic variation is already affecting the country's municipalities and socio-economic sector. There are already some effects of climatic changes and there is a wide scholarly agreement that further changes will be made. In Myanmar, even with significant levels of international carbon offsetting (activities and technology that cut GHG emissions), business sector, community and ecosystem will be heavily affected by carbon leakage from the world.

Adjustment is therefore necessary to reduce Myanmar's susceptibility to climatic fluctuations and changes. The National Adjustment Programmes (NAPAs) provide a simple, fast and straightforward channel for the least developed countries to define and report on priorities for action to meet their immediate and pressing adjustment needs. NAPAPA arose from the multi-lateral discussion on adaptive action under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change2.

Myanmar's NAPA therefore identifies 32 priorities (so-called prioritised adaptive projects) for efficient adapting to climatic changes for eight key sectors/themes (i.e. four project options per sector/theme), namely: i) farming; ii) early warning systems; iii) forests; iv) public health; v) water resources; vi) coastal zone; vii) Myanmar's NAPA preparatory processes followed the UN Framework Convention on Climate change (UNFCCC) 3,4.

The seven key stages were: i) establishing NAPA project management and multi-disciplinary groups (April 2011); ii) synthesizing available information (May - July 2011); iii) consulting stakeholders and the general community to determine Myanmar's adjustment needs and possible adjustment projects/options (July - September 2011); iv) organizing and preparing segmental working group sessions to draw up a project option inventory (October - November 2011); v) organizing sec tional working group sessions to review, classify and prioritize the

It included a multi-criteria analysis (a set of 15 criterions elaborated by the LDC Expert Group) to evaluate and prioritize the options of the adaptation process for deployment. The results of each adaptation projects were used to identify the 32 priority adaptation projects; (vi) the process of publicly reviewing the NAPA proposal (February to April 2012); and (vii) the evolution of the NAPA projects profile through discussion and meeting with working group members and other relevant actors (March - April 2012)....".

Ml-> Country > Burmese Country > Brief introduction to Burma/Myanmar > Loss of Burma/Myanmar's lands due to rising water levels, deforestation and other causes, description/sopic: "This paper contains a specific contribution on the topic "Transitional Justice. Myanmar is going through a crucial phase in its development.

The suppression, combined with the restrictions on liberty and basic freedoms, has not betrayed the will of the population. Descriptive/Topic: "On May 6, 2002, the Burmese junta regime freed Daw Aung San Suu Kyi from homeary. Today is a new page for the Myanmar nation and the global community.... We will renew our commitment to allow all our nationals free participation in the lives of our policy processes while giving top priority to the nationhood, tranquillity and stabilization of the nation and the region," said his minister.

" Only in Burma did the state-controlled press, broadcasters and TV ignored the incident and the testimony when the messages flew around the globe and received favorable reactions from politicians, embassies and newsmen. The Burmese public heard it through the use of multi-national radios and verbal propaganda.

Descriptive/Topic: "Declaration on the Suggested Mass Media Act From a juridical point of view, the Burma Lawyers' Council is working for the transformation of Burma into a just, free, non-violent and mature community. Descriptive/Topic: "On March 7, Ne Win's son-in-law Aye Zaw Win, married to his subsidiary Sanda Win, and three of his great-grands, were detained at a meal in a Chines restaurants with an undisclosed former military comandante.

It was accused of overthrowing the army and splitting the army to finally restore the kings. Descriptive Theme: "Burma's governing regime has passed a new "Control Money-laundering law" (Law No. 6/2002). Amnesty: Is there a middle way for Burma? Descriptive/Ime: "Our article on the issue of interim jurisdiction will raise some of Burma's likely models of transformation from its present system of state, the army regime, to that of democracy.

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