Myanmar Alin Newspaper today

Burma Alin Newspaper today

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Buranmar Alin (Burmese: ????????????; also known as Myanma Alinn) is a state-run Myanmar newspaper and the longest run newspaper in Myanmar. It is the Myanmar government's main source of information on Burma. Yangon, Myanmar Alin was established in 1914 during the UK colonisation as a journal by U Shwe Kyu (Burmese: ??????????).

It was nationalized in 1969 by General Ne Win's army administration and the Myanmar dailies were state-run. Almost all of Burma's newspaper front and backs are govermental. The majority of local messages come from the Myanmar Revenue Agency (MNA), which reads journals not for the messages, but for advertising and announcement like wedding and obituary.

Burma Alia is a free open to the public land-based TV channel: Burma TV.

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Burma is a buddhistic land with ten thousand ancient shrines, palagodas, temples and historic and cultured tradition that have remained untouched. Situated in the north-west of the Sino-Indian peninsula, Myanmar has been an appealing tourist attraction for years. For more information about this land, please take a look at some of the renowned papers to get Burma Newspaper.

The newspaper had a print run of 90,000 copies and was the best-selling at the one. Kyemon, along with Myanmar Alin, is one of two Burmese-language Myanmar nationwide papers. However, Kyemon tends to make more tales of humanitarian concerns as Myanmar Alin tries to promote the actions of the state.

It is another state-run newspaper for you to receive Burma Online Bulletin, established in 1914. Myanmar Times was established in 2000 by Ross Dunkley, an Australian, and Sonny Swe (Myat Swe) from Myanmar. It is the oldest private run and run Anglophone newspaper in Myanmar. Myanmar Times is a business unit of Myanmar Consolidated Media Co.

The newspaper will be available until March 2015 in British and Burma. Afterwards, the issue began every day, 5 days/week and now updates the latest Myanmar messages on a regular basis. Myanmar Frontier is a Yangon, Myanmar based newsmagazine. Sonny Swe - a co-founder of the Myanmar Times - established it.

Frontier was founded in July 2015 and is one of the first commercially financed English-language intelligence journals in Myanmar since the Thein Sein administration abandoned the country's oppressive grading system in 2012. Together with Mizzima it is one of only two English-speaking New Weeklies in Myanmar. It is a personal newspaper from Burma that will be released in Burma.

This was one of the best-selling magazines in Myanmar. They also have their own website, which provides periodically up to date Burma headlines and also world headlines. Myanmar Gazette is situated in the San Gabriel Valley. This is a newspaper in Burma that focuses on Burma's US and Canadian newspapers.

It has a print run of 12,000 copies per month and is spread across several large American and Canadian towns with a relatively large Myanmar populace. Mandalay Gazette is targeted at Asian Myanmar people, mainly Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. The document periodically provides information on the Myanmar Fellowship, Burma VIP interviewing, the US and international business, politics and people.

It also includes some Burma spots from the United States. Myizzima is a multi-media information organisation in Burma. Founded in August 1998 by a group of exiled journalist from Burma in New Delhi. In 2007, it received the Free Media Pioneer Awards from the International Press Institute Mizzima Newspaper.

Miszima Mediacompany. Ltd. is a incorporated in Myanmar. They produce a Malaysian bilingual newspaper, a monthly economic journal, TV programmes - broadcast by Myanma Radio & TV (MRTV) - and web sites in British and Myanaman. In addition, Mizzima medias product is also available on the iPhones and Android platform.

These are some of the most popular papers for you to keep up to date with the Burmese daily newscasts. Hopefully this item will help you on your trip to Burma.

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