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Myanma Alinn Daily, Myanmar Newspaper. of Gannett Co., Inc.'s newspaper division. Yangon, Burma online newspaper, Myanmar Alin.

Myanmar Office JICA computer and network installation and support. This is one of the most widely read newspapers in Myanmar.

Municipal forest organization argues over state history of medias

His Lan Pyin Oo Lwin published a declaration on 25 May in which he complained that the Myanmar Alin paper had neglected to communicate with her in a May 18 tale claiming that the group wanted to tear down rural structures around Lake Kandawgyi in Pyin Oo Lwin. We' re a strongly structured philanthropical group with good intentions," U Lay Myint Aung, chairman of Sein Lan Pyi Oo Lwin, said to the Myanmar Times on 30 May.

His Lan Pyin Oo Lwin is currently working on a reafforestation program in the township after a fire in January devastated most of the Thittabin Mountains wood. The group said that this is the wet period when we plant them. "There' re forestation in Pyin Oo Lwin.

We' re going to plant about 500 of them to help preserve the natural world and its beauty," said U Lay Myint Aung. Mr. Lwin added that within 50 acre of land in Aung Chan Thar Town, His Lan Pyin Oo Lwin's Forests. "In Pyin Oo Lwin, large saplings are scarce, let alone a forrest.

It is important that we talk and educate people about the world around us in order to preserve our natural resources," said U Ko Ko Ko Gyi, Vice Chairman of Sein Lan Pyin Oo Lwin. Founded in 2011, the organization has grown around 100,000 plants and introduced arboriculture practices in arid areas in cooperation with other conservation groups.

Government securities to reduce advertising prices by 40 per cent

On Saturday, state papers reported that advertising prices will be reduced by 40 percent as of April. Despite repeated calls by parliamentarians and reporters for the closure of state papers used by the state as a mouthpiece for spreading publicity, despite the fact that millions of Kyatians have suffered millions of casualties every year, the Ministry of Information has continued to release papers and reduce advertising prices to stop its rivals - the privately held papers - from recuperating.

The Myanmar Alin and Kyemon, released by the Department of Information, reduced their ad prices by up to 20 percent on February 1. It has now reduced the rate by up to 40% to promote investments by small and medium-sized companies and the global tourist in-dustry.

Reducing the advertising prices of state papers can result in a significant discrepancy between their tariffs and those of privatelys. Though it was permitted for publishers to do so during the management of Thein Sein, some of them had to cease publication within a year as state papers run in the government budgets are selling at a cost of 50 Ks (US$0.05) per copy.

The public sector had a long lasting and monopolistic position in the news publishing sector for several years, but had to sell part of their holdings to individual papers, even though they sold the papers at a deficit. "More and more evident from today's administration is the way to prevent the continued existence of personal papers.

Not only must the privately-owned papers last for the remainder of the ten months of the administration, but also after a new administration has taken over. There are many ways in which the administration will suppress the medium. Only distinction is whether they obviously do or not," said Kyaw Min Swe, Myanmar Press Council (Interim) Sec.

"Now not only the state promotional papers administered by the Ministry of Information, but also a privately owned fraudulent paper, widely thought to be published under the direction of the presidential office, have influenced Thein Sein's administration and sold the paper at a bargain sale rate. It' a kind of assault on personal papers that work with their own hard-earned pocket.

Whatever it is, we - the personal papers - will have to try to live on in order to fulfil our obligation to inform the general and the state," he said. Information Minister Ye Htut said to the Union Congress on Thursday that the Department is not losing money in issuing Myanma Alin and Kyemon papers, as both have made net gains every year.

for the 2014-2015 financial year and acknowledged that over 3 billion Ks ($3 million) from the proposed News and Periodicals Enterprises budgets, which the dailies have published at a deficit. He said the Department could only make Ks 29 billion ($29 million) out of Ks 82 billion, and was allowed to run its business with a losses of more than Ks 52 billion, as revenues from the Myanmar Motion Picture Enterprises and newspaper distribute.

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