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And all the compliments you can get printed.

In spite of the auspicious reforms of the state medias, the National League for Democracy regime was reproached for using them as machinery for publicity. The title of the state paper Kyemon (The Mirror) turned reddish on March 31, the eve of the National League for Democracy's inauguration, a long-standing icon of the pro-democracy group.

U Thein Sein hands over to his successors U Htin Kyaw and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in the House of Representatives together with Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker U Win Myint. The cover page attracted attention in the public eye; the reader showed his esteem both for the change of regime and for the new image of the state newspaper, which was a symbol but apparently important symbol of the intention of the new state.

It was highly expected that the reforms of the state audio-visuals - both newspaper and radio - would take place during the NLD's mandate. For a long time now, the reader has had enough of the government's publicity, from the nationalists' rhetoric to articles by army secretaries who inspected plans and gave the "necessary instructions" for their triumph. Attempts to influence popular sentiment seemed particularly an anachronism in an era without the use of censors, when news was immediately disseminated via Facebook and other popular networking sites.

Even reporters, writers and publishing houses were hoping for more. They particularly took to heart the NLD electoral programme, which promising not only that the press would be "independent", but also that printing and broadcasting companies could competing in the freeĀ marketplace. One central topic is the state subsidization of state owned medias in the double-digit million range per year.

In particular, this gives state owned magazines an enormous edge over the retail industry and enables them to resell prints at a lost rate - and thus reduce the prices for privately owned magazines to an untenable level. Its predecessor said it wanted to keep the state press, but it wanted to change it and make it "public media".

She made some finite changes to make it more attractive to the reader, and the English New Light of Myanmar has been renamed Global New Light of Myanmar with the help of Japanese Kyodo News. "But Aung San Suu Kyi hinted that the new administration would take a new course to sell or close her down.

On 31 December 2015, she said to Radio Free Asia that she felt that such points of sale were "not good for democracy". It is well worth considering three month after the NLD took power how much of this promise of transformation the NLD has made. Frontier observes: "There has been a transformation in the state press - a transformation of faces.

The pictures of former U Thein Sein and his office were superseded by those of the woman and her followers in the papers and on television. However, those in the state papers say that, if anything, their restricted editing freedom has been further restricted. Global New Light of Myanmar senior journalist U Khin Maung Aye said the new administration is particularly vulnerable to illicit immigration and the peacemaking processes.

Publications on these issues are thoroughly reviewed by the federal administration prior to release. "of the other states. However, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is more concerned with global opinions. Underneath the former administration, the general executive and general secretary of the News and Periodicals Enterprise administered the content of the newspaper.

" However, the proposal for greater intervention by the authorities was defeated by U Tint Swe, the Ministry of Information's standing secretary. Mr. Becker emphasized that the new administration had given the journalists of the state press more editing power. Tint Swe says the fate of state owned newspaper is uncertain. However, the goverment has no concrete plans for the state-controlled publications, such as Global New Light of Myanmar, Kyemon and another Myanmaranma Alin.

"He said, "We have a politics of publishing[articles] about the people-centered activity of the administration and the votes of the population in our papers. During a recent Yangon based press conference, Pe Myint pointed out that state-run papers would not be disappearing so soon. Global New Light of Myanmar cited him as saying that the state press was "a communications tool between the nation and the government" and offered "room for voice and opinion on the politics of the government".

Whilst the authorities provide information on the government's activity, there is little detail and no analytical work. Ko Phyo Wai Lin, the coach of journalists, said he saw "no change" in the state press under Aung San Suu Kyi. "Throughout the tenure of the U Thein Sein army administration and the U Thein Sein administration, the state press spread publicity.

Now they' re doing it for the NLD administration. U Thiha Saw, press adviser of the NLD, said that state papers were a breach of the NLD's principle of partying for the cause of democratization. "There' s no place for reigning papers in a dominant civilization," he said. When a paper works according to the state finances, it cannot really be self-sufficient.

The NLD does not understand why state owned publications, especially printed publications, are necessary. There have been some sensible points made by the former administration, in particular former information secretary U Ye Htut. One of the main reasons for this is that most privately-owned papers do not have the coverage of the publicly owned press. A high-ranking officer at a state branch who asked not to be mentioned was speculating that the NLD regarded the state press as a weapons in its battles with the army, which also operates its own television channel and a newsmagazine.

A recent incident indicates that the goverment intends to use the state owned medias for policy-making. Pe Myint meets experienced MRTV writers on June 25 and asks them to write music that would mirror Myanmar's reform. He/she volunteered to have all the tracks on this topic broadcasted in the state cinemas.

Aung San Suu Kyi is still loved by many to see in the press and on television. This is where the state owned audio-visual sector comes in. That was shown by a discussion in the public relations press about a message in which Aung San Suu Kyi made cakes available to her employees at the State Council's office on their birthdays.

A number of people in the public sector claimed that it was an inappropriate use of state mediums, but others said it was exactly what they wanted to see.

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