Myanmar Alin English Newspaper

Burma Alin English Newspaper

Record Only Daily catalogue (except Sunday) in English and Burmese. Newspapers / magazines from abroad (available from Inwa Verlag). Myanmar Times is the only privately owned English language newspaper. Compiled in English by Joshua Lipes. Myanmar's New Light in English.

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As we process the media on Myanmar's newspapers "Alinn", "Mirror", the regional newspaper and "The Global New Light of Myanmar", the English newspaper, we can also directly promote your company's advertising. It was formed through cooperation with the Department of Information Bureau Investments in Myanmar (51%) and our business (49%).

That is why we have exactly the information that is most likely to be given about Myanmar and also offer all of our clients well-founded counsel. We can help the new store in Myanmar. We have a database of Myanmar based firms. We have accurate and credible information about Myanmar and also advise all Japanese enterprises.

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Myanmar Military launches English newspaper

Burma's mighty armed forces on Tuesday released an English-language copy of its Myawaddy newspaper, and added another advertising market to the group of controlled mass transit agencies. Myawaddy Publications, Myawaddy TV and Mandalay-based Yadanabon News, the Naypyidaw newspaper in Burma, are now controlled by the armed forces, which have no lack of money. Burma's armed forces have a long tradition of advocacy for the people.

His Propaganda and Psychological Warfare Department released the first edition of Myawaddy magazine in 1952 to combat anti-military left-wing publication. Burma's quasi-civilian regime has three other documents under its control: The New Light of Myanmar in English, Myanma Alin and Der Spiegel in Burmese.

Privately-addressed papers released in Myanmar after 50 years

Myanmar's government revised its September 2012 news review body to address questions relating to the masses before the Myanmar legislature passed a bill on the masses. Myanmar's government revised its September 2012 news review body to address questions relating to the masses before the Myanmar legislature passed a bill on the masses.

On Monday, four personal dailies began temporarily publishing, meaning the reintroduction of personal dailies in the South East Asiatic country after five years. Its four dailies are Pyidaungsu DAY (Union Daily), Shwe Naing Ngan Thit DAY (Golden Freshland Daily), San Taw Chein DAY (Standard Times Daily) and Voice DAY, reports Xinhua.

Union is chaired by the governing Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP). Dozens of dailies are scheduled to start later. Included are Khit Moe Day, Empire Day, The Messenger, Up-Date Day and Myanmar Newsweek Day, Mizzima Day, Eleven Day, Khit Thit Day, Yangon Times, Myanmar Dika, Union Athan, 7-Day Day Free et D-Wave.

In Myanmar, six government publications are issued every day - Myanmar Alin (Myanmar language), Kyemon (Der Spiegel) (Myanmar language), Myawaddy (Myanmar language), The New Light of Myanmar (English language) and Yadanarpon (Myanmar language), as well as over 200 personal monthly newsworthy publications in Myanmar, English and Mandarin and over 200 periodicals and almost 7,000 privately read.

In December 2012, as part of its major reforms in the field of mass communication, the German authorities launched the free publishing of personal dailies and dissolved their department for monitoring and registration, a further step after the full liberalisation of internal monitoring of the mass communication market in August 2012. Myanmar's administration in September 2012 revised its 29-member temporary Council of the International Monetary Union (IMF) to address questions relating to the mass media prior to the adoption of a bill on the use of the Internet.

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