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In Myanmar, after 50 years, personal daily newspapers are released.

On Monday, four daily papers began temporarily publishing, which means the reintroduction of daily papers in the South East Asiatic country after five years. Its four daily papers are Pyidaungsu Daily (Union Daily), Shwe Naing Ngan Thit Daily (Golden Freshland Daily), San Taw Chein Daily (Standard Times Daily) and Voice Daily, reports Xinhua.

Union Daily is led by the governing Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP). Dozens of daily papers are scheduled to start later. Included are Khit Moe Daily, Empire Daily, The Messenger, Up-Date Daily, Myanmar Newsweek Daily, Mizzima Daily, Eleven Daily, Khit Thit Daily, Yangon Times, Myanmar Dika, Union Athan, 7-Day Daily und D-Wave.

Approximately six government papers are daily distributed in Myanmar - Myanmar Alin (Myanmar language), Kyemon (Der Spiegel) (Myanmar language), Myawaddy (Myanmar language), The New Light of Myanmar (English language) and Yadanarpon (Myanmar language), as well as over 200 personal newsletters in Myanmar, Englisch and Mandarinese and over 200 periodicals and nearly 7,000 individual publishing houses.

Over 20 bureaus of international news agents are also active in the state. In December 2012, as part of its major reforms in the field of mass communication, the German authorities launched the free publishing of daily papers and dissolved their press monitoring and registration department, a further step after the full liberalisation of internal monitoring of the press in August 2012.

Myanmar's administration in September 2012 revised its 29-member temporary Council of the International Monetary Union (IMF) to address questions relating to the mass media prior to the adoption of a bill on the use of the Internet.

30 March 2016 in Myanmar papers - Fifty Viss

30 March 2016 will be seen by tomorrow's historic figures as an important date for the nation of Burma, a date that embodies recent events in Burma's policy scene, a date that peaked with the inauguration of U Htin Kyaw as the country's new leader, the country's first civil leader in 54 years.

Here is a look at how the Burmese dailies portrayed these happenings the next mornings.

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