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) From Myanmar. You can read the free Burmese daily Myanmar Alin (?????) from Myanmar: Asia. The Burmese daily Myanma Alin is online. It' one of the most popular general-interest newspapers in Myanmar. We' re updating all journal download links from myanmar.

Alin Myanmar

Buranmar Alin (Burmese: ????????????; also known as Myanma Alinn) is a state-run daily and the longest run daily in Myanmar. This daily is regarded as the Myanmar government's formal-speaker. Burma Alin was established as a journal in Yangon in 1914 during the period of colonisation in Britain.

It was nationalized in 1969 by General Ne Win's army administration and the daily newspaper in Myanmar was state-run. Almost all of Burma's newspaper front and backs are govermental. The majority of local messages come from the Myanmar Revenue Agency (MNA), which reads journals not for the messages, but for advertising and announcement like wedding and obituary.

Burma Alia is a free open to the public land-based TV channel: Burma TV.

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Burmese Newspaper | Myanma Alin Online

About: Myanma Alin is a daily paper from Yangon, Myanmar. One of the oldest papers organised by the Myanmar state administration, it has been operating successfully from 1914 to the present time. Approximately 220,000 pieces per issue are printed every single workingday to the advantage of the country's army rulers.

It' often stuffed with government related messages from the 1. page to the last page and includes all general actions to minister to the folks at Same.

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