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Newspaper in the United States and Canada. The Burmese-language state daily newspaper Kyae Mone or Mirror is based in Yangon, Myanmar. Burma Alin is a daily newspaper from Yangon, Myanmar. Transcarpathia m??

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New Propaganda Outlet launched by Junta

The Burmese army is extending its press coverage with a second Burmese language edition, the Naypyidaw News Paper, early 2011. Naypyidaw Zeitung will join other defence promotion services such as Myawaddy TV, Myawaddy Publications and Yadanabon News, a local paper in Mandalay. Myawaddy TV had already announced the military's plan for a new paper in 2009, when it was recruiting around 40 newsmen.

60 internal staff are currently being educated at Yadanabon News, according to a recent Yadanabon News issue of Rangoon's 7-day news magazine, where Yadanabon News officers met with Mandalay reporters at Yadanabon News bureaus on November 18.

Newspapers report that the Naypyidaw paper will be published by Myawaddy Publications and will have head office in Naypyidaw as well as Rangoon and Mandalay. "Naypyidaw paper should be targeting army officers and other members of the administration in the junta's capital," said a Mandalay reporter, who was speaking on an anonymous basis.

"Propaganda within the armed services and departments seems important for the armed services, which specifically prepare newspaper coverage for their consumption," he said. The Directorate of Public Relations and Psychological Warfare of the Armed Forces is in charge of all Armed Services' programmes and publication. One example of how the Burmese armed force is manipulating the messages was in November, when the Burmese daily misreported battles between units that were a non-armistice conflict between the Karen National Union and the Karen Democratic Buddhist Armee and the Karen National Union's breakaway Brigade 5 demolition brigade's boundary protection plans.

Naypyidaw Newspaper will join other state papers, The New Light of Myanmar in English, Myanma Alin and the Mirror in Burmese, the military-led Yadanabon News and the City News and Mandalay News, respectively, operated by the Yangon and Mandalay community comittees. In 1952, the army began its campaign of political campaigning and psychology when it launched the first edition of Myawaddy magazine to combat the then anti-military left-wing publication.

It was founded and controlled by Brig-General Aung Gyi, Brig-General Maung Maung Maung and Col Ba Than, who ran the organisation alongside Gen Ne Win in the FFO. Following the 1988 Burmese coup, the Burmese government extended its revolutionary force and founded Myawaddy TV on March 27, 1995, the Burmese Parliament and almost three years after Than Shwe was successful as Snr-Gen Saw Maung's leader of the Burmese government and commander-in-chief of the Burmese armies.

The Myanmar Patriots wrote: Myawaddy journal (after Myawaddy Mingyi U Sa, an eighteenth century army leader and poet) was followed by Thawythauk (i.e. Brood of Life, a historic word for soldiers) and Nawaday (another army commandant and poet).

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