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Myanma Alinn Daily, Myanmar Newspaper. Current news and comments about Myanmar Alin with photos, videos, quotes and a biography. View the daily app ranking, rankings, ratings, features and reviews of top apps like Myanmar ALin on the iOS Store. The Myanmar Alin online news portal is one of the most popular and most visited newspapers in the online community. Burma Ahlin in Bahan, Myanmar.

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Buranmar Alin (Burmese: ????????????; also known as Myanma Alinn) is a state-run Myanmar day paper and the longest run paper in Myanmar. It is the Myanmar government's main source of information on Burma. Yangon, Myanmar Alin was established in 1914 during the UK colonisation as a journal by U Shwe Kyu (Burmese: ??????????).

It was nationalized in 1969 by General Ne Win's army administration and the Myanmar dailies were state-run. Almost all of Burma's newspaper front and backs are govermental. The majority of local messages come from the Myanmar Revenue Agency (MNA), which reads journals not for the messages, but for advertising and announcement like wedding and obituary.

Burma Alia is a free open to the public land-based TV channel: Burma TV.

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