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A few background information about the airline from the wiki: For more information, see the list of Myanmar's no longer existing airlines[show articles only] above links in the text. Cross-referencing and booking international flights to Asia and beyond. A few background information about the airline from the wiki: ASIA, Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways International; From Singapore:

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Mystic Mandalay on Myanmar National Airlines (Y) and SilkAir (J)

One of the last destinations on my December trip schedule is a less popular Singaporean trip to Mandalay, Myanmar. When reviewing the flight plans I chose Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) Economy Class to Mandalay and SilkAir Business Class. Burma National Airlines is definitely not an ordinary and certified carrier.

A few backgrounds about the company from the wiki: Buranmar National Airlines, formerly Union of Burma Airways, Burma Airways and Myanma Airways, is a state-owned air company headquartered in Yangon. The company offers regular flights to all important German and Asian regions. The most important basis is Yangon International Airport.

It was established by the Burmese authorities after gaining freedom on 15 September 1948 as the Union of Burma Airways (UBA). At first, it only provided internal service; international service was added in 1950. It was renamed Burma Airways in December 1972 and Myanma Airways on 1 April 1989 after the land was renamed from Burma to Myanmar.

Myanma Airways' international operations were operated as a JV carrier, Myanmar Airways International (MAI). Burma National Airlines is the controlling stockholder of the MAI Group. 3 ] In 2003 it was suggested to establish a Myanmar-based carrier for international air travel and freight charter ed by the name of Air Myanmar.

In 2005, a JV between Myanma Airways and a number of individual shareholders was discontinued. Burma National Airlines provides groundhandling service for other airlines' scheduled, non-scheduled and charters. Mid-2012 Myanma Airways ordered two new Embraer 190ARs from GE Civil Aviation Servies Co.Ltd to replace its Fokker F-28s from November 2012.

At the Singapore Airshow on February 11, 2014, Myanma Airways and GECAS concluded a $960 million contract for four Boeing 737-800 and six Boeing 737 MAXs. This is the biggest US company's sales to Myanmar in many years and the biggest individual order in the airline industry's record.

Myanma Airways was renamed Myanmar National Airlines in December 2014. Myanmar National Airlines reported the re-launch of international flights to Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok following the first Boeing 737-800s arriving in June 2015. With the first service to Singapore on 19 August 2015, international traffic recommenced.

The second international flight to Hong Kong began on 4 December 2015 after the second Boeing 737-800 arrived. The Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) will begin its services between Yangon and Bangkok on February 20, 2016, making Thailand the third international stop. Singapore is the first international rebranded city of MNA to offer twice a day services from Singapore to Yangon.

Two times a weeks I continue to Mandalay with the same number as I was reserved on. Airline companies currently operate a group of 4 new B737-800s on their international route networks. There is also a Business Class offer, but this is not available for Mandalay-linked fax. On board was also a premium economics area with 6 row coachbuilders, which offer more stand-off.

It would fly over Yangon to Mandalay. Mandalay-linked passengers would sit at the back of the plane for groundhandling in Yangon, according to the check-in personnel, and it seemed that most passengers were Yangon-linked. Fly time: 2H27MWe would fly with the latest B737-800 from MNA.

The initial glimpse of the airplane cab was very good, with 8 Business Class front seating and the remainder of the cab with eco-friendly seating. It is interesting to note that both the business and economical seat models are exactly the same as SilkAir's B738. Socket outlets are available under the seat.

About 70% of the plane was full on the section to Yangon. A two-and-a-half hour fly to Yangon was scheduled by the aviator. The MNA provides Wifi-Streaming IFE to laptop/mobile phones for its customers in economics clas. The Business Classic seating is equipped with IFE screens. IFE is not available for on-board use and must be downloadable before take-off.

But the airplane ticket, which was the only one that worked, because both films and sound went down when I tried to download them to my friend's cell phones. Aeronautical chart was displayed on the drop-down screens. Saw Mandalay rums sold on the car and ordered a Mandalay rums with coke.

Because I' m going to Mandalay! Seemingly, only the entrées were withdrawn from Yangon and the remainder of the menu trays were from Yangon. Since there was no other conversation, I took a nap until we began the descent to Yangon. It is interesting that the flight attendant only asked the flight attendant to make the cab available for 10,000 feet and only to sit if the aisles were reduced a few moments before land.

Landing at Yangon International Airport Rwy21 a little ahead of time. Passersby travelling to Mandalay had to stay on board while the staff was on duty and the cab was washed. Like I said at check-in, all travellers to Mandalay were allocated back seat and the forward cab was cleared as the Yangon pallet left the ship.

The first Myanmar National Airlines trip was better than anticipated. As a very small international airline, it is anticipated that the ruffles on offer, such as IFE, will not be able to keep up with the big ones. But with its comfortably seated, good food and welcoming services, MNA provides a sensible full range of services.

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