Myanmar Airways International Review

Burma Airways International Review

Burma Airways (airline code UB) is the state-owned national airline of Myanmar, also known as Burma. The company is located at Yangon International Airport. Customer reviews and opinions from Myanmar Airways International passengers. Yadnarapon and KBZ Airlines. by Eric Rosen.

Myanmar, Burma Airways International Co Ltd is a private airline based in Yangon, Myanmar.

MAY Airlines is the best possible customer care. - Reweiw of Myanmar Airways International, Myanmar Airways International

I' ve travelled 38 flights in MAY airways so far from Singapore to Yangon, it's one of my favourite carriers in this area. Dinner was carrier-grade, kind of sucks. Had the low-calorie diets on the plane, that dinner was quite terrible. For the last 6 years I have been flying MAI to Singapore and Malaysia.

The MAI is the most pleasant (least painful) of these carriers.

What is the reliability of Myanmar Airways International?

He flown it last months from Heho (Lake Inle) to Bangkok, which had a messy link in RGN but managed it in one part. In Myanmar we finished our journey at Lake Inle, where the international traffic connections are very difficult. Myanmar National Airlines via Yangon from Heho Airport to Bangkok was our only true choice.

The Heho International is nothing more than two small, strict outbuildings. We' re checking in at a Myanmar National emblem desk. Our first operative said it couldn't be done, so we took our tickets and dragged ourselves to safety. It took us about 15 min. while our old pocket pendants were torn off, telephone conversations were made and everything was autographed, closed and shipped.

We were waiting in the departure lounge after the safety service. We had no airlines on the flights, so it was a frustration because our flights were late, our Yangon connections were getting ever tighter and no upgrades were split. When we arrived in Yangon, many folks tried to help us get to the international airport.

As we have reached the internal station, we would have to convert the stations to the international one. One of the airlines' staff took us to a vans, which he told us would take us to the other one. They were full of people from the airports who had to wait with us for a few patient moments.

and we were the last ones on the airplane. Of course, we didn't care considering that we weren't expecting dinner on such brief trips and that we got to Bangkok on schedule. When you fly in Myanmar, make sure you fly with the same carrier and have enough air travel times.

At the end, Myanmar National Airlines took us from point A to point A ( and feed us on the way!), and our only problem was the shortage of communications and flight personnel after the safety at Heho Airport, which means getting information about the delays, was the job of an investigator.

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