Myanmar Airways International Domestic Flight Schedule

Burma Airways International Domestic Timetable

Timetable view from country:. Four major domestic airlines operate in Myanmar, Myanma Airways, Air Bagan, Yangon Airways and Air Mandalay. Burma Airways International offers amazing discounts on airline ticket bookings. Departure, day, from, to, departure, arrival. Here you will find information about Myanmar Airways International flights, routes, prices, flight offers and contacts.

Aip Bagan

Four large domestic carriers operate in Myanmar, Myanma Airways, Air Bagan, Yangon Airways and Air Mandalay. Every carrier offers different flight plans according to the season. The LOTUS in Myanmar's civilization symbolises humanity' s pureness and commitment to strive for the highest in oneself. One of the main focuses of our corporate identity, this brand is a combination of courageous, contemporary business practices, our goal is to be the best combination with Myanmar's corporate identity, which we believe will be a symbolic success of a new age.

Contributing to the tourism and aviation industry in Myanmar by providing a high level of customer service and a reasonable ROI on every flight we do. It is an air carrier located in Yangon. The airport offers services to all of Myanmar's key travel locations, which include Bagan, Mandalay, Heho and Ngapali Beach.

There are scheduled services from Yangon to Chiang Mai. Domestic airlines in Myanmar, we offer simple on-line bookings. The first Myanmar-based local JV company, Anglo-American Airlines, was founded on October 6, 1994. Partners are the domestic airlines Myanma Airways, the Singapore based company Myanma Airways, and Premier Airlines Pte Ltd from Malaysia.

Currently we are flying to all important Myanmar and Chiang Mai in Thailand. Burma Airways is the Myanmar domestic carrier headquartered in Yangon. The company serves all important domestic regular traffic routes. The most important basis is Yangon International Airport. It was established by the Burmese authorities after gaining freedom in 1948 as the Union of Burma Airways.

At first it provided domestic service and was expanded to include international service in 1950. It was renamed Burma Airways in December 1972 and Myanma Airways on 1 April 1989 after the land was renamed from Burma to Myanmar. The international service was outsourced to Myanmar Airways International, which was established in 1993.

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