Myanmar Airways International

Burma Airways International

From its main base at Yangon International Airport, the airline serves scheduled flights to Southeast Asia. Burma Airways International Co Ltd is a private airline based in Yangon, Myanmar. Here you will find information about Myanmar Airways customer service, including telephone and address. Burmese Airways International offers a wide range of flygresor options rather than you are on the road. Burma Airways International offers a wide range of low-cost flights to major destinations.

Mandalay added by Myanmar Airways International

From September 2016 Myanmar Airways International (MAI) will start a new flight to Thailand, with the opening of Mandalay - Bangkok. As of 03SEP16, the carrier will fly Airbus A319 aircrafts three aircrafts a week along this flightway. Operative routes are Yangon - Mandalay - Bangkok, where the carrier will also operate three national routes per city.

At present, the company acts as a code share with Air KBZ, which runs national flights.

Secure - Review of Myanmar Airways International

1 ) You are flying from BKK International Airport, which was cheaper for us. 2 ) Some of the rival carriers we have been flying to MDL were not pleasant. The MAI Business Class permitted 40 kg of luggage per passenger and was still cheaper than Air Asia with all its luggage and other additional costs.

In MAI there is even a beautiful hut for the 1 1/2 hours flying.

Burma Airways International opens the state to industry

While Myanmar is continuing to open its economies, the interest in the region is increasing significantly from around the state. With the unveiling of the unprecedented surge of economical and policy reform in Myanmar in 2011, international investment is excited to see the nation mature for a variety of businesses.

Similarly, international tourism has viewed Myanmar as a stunning new tourist resort that was once thought too isolated to reach. But until recently, the aviation sector has not yet evolved enough to cope with this surge of international visitor numbers. The aviation sector has been growing rapidly since 2011, making it easy for Burma's citizens to get around the nation and also for Burma's citizens to go to the outside world. 2.

An advanced aviation sector is an important pillar of a today's economies, essential for the next phase of development in the world. Luckily for Myanmar, the state already has an air carrier with a long tradition that is able to introduce a state-of-the-art, world-renowned aviation company.

The Myanmar aerospace sector has grown stronger in the brief period since liberalization in 2011. Although this has been remarkable in terms of economic expansion, the sector faces a number of major opportunities if it is to reach its full potentials. At the same timeframe, the authorities need to continue to build more national capacities, build more hubs across the nation and modernise current ones to comply with international standard.

There is one of the current carriers that has been in operation in the state for many years. Burmese Airways International (MAI) has been active in the state since 1946, when it was originally only a German carrier, known as the Union of Burmese Airways. Starting with international services in 1950, the company later became MAI in 1993, when the company renamed.

Despite being run as a state-sponsored company, MAI started as a JV between Myanmar Airways and Singapore Airlines. It has since continued to develop its service with the help of other international renowned carriers, such as Royal Brunei Airlines and Malaysia Airlines, while ensuring that it complies with international operational requirements.

One of the results of the owner changes was that the branch experienced a dramatic shift in its business and brought a new standard of finance competence to the branch. Now MAI operates flights throughout the entire land and to many other international locations, such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Guanghzhou, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Mandalay.

Since the beginning of 2013, the carrier has also been offering a charters air travel between Myanmar and sites in Korea and Japan. MAI's recent years' overwhelming popularity has made it the only Myanmar carrier to have received the Safety Audit Programme Operator certification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which reflects its obligation to comply with the international airlines' own safety standard.

At the beginning of this year, KBZ took over the rest of the company's shareholding, giving MAI the necessary funds to be able to play an important part in the further growth of Myanmar's aerospace sector. Now, under the management of the KBZ Group, the company is concentrating on developing into a leader in the field of sustainability in air travel.

These include the recent launch of the Green Movement programme, which aims to increase sector recognition of the environment.

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