Myanmar Airways Changi Terminal

Changi Myanmar Airways Terminal

Burma Airways International connects Singapore with the city of Yangon in Myanmar directly with daily flights. For a free quote, contact Myanmar Airways International today. Choose Terminal or Flight Details. Locate the terminal from which your airline operates. Changi to Yangon International Airport (back).

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Singapore Changi Airport's oldest of all 4 airports. The terminal was opened as an individual terminal in 1981. In 1995, a larger renovation was carried out to improve air traffic flows by upgrading the departure area with a fully automatic bag filling system, thus enhancing the terminal's throughput.

During the SkyTrain is shut down for servicing, you can use the free shuttle buses, which are on the second floor of departures floor door 5. Departures take 15 min. The Terminal 1 has 29 passenger boarding bridges, 5 of which are for large aircrafts. It consists of the Arrivals Floor, Departures Control in the hangar, Departures Hall Levels 2 & 3 and Airline Lounges:

  • The Arrivals level: - Departures hall: You will find the check-in series 8-1 and 9-14, the Premier Check-in area and the points of exit (2). - Transit Lounge 2 departure: There is tax free shop, immigrant exit, information desk, as well as entrance to C & D gateways and SkyTrain links to A, B, R, & D gateways on T2 & T3.
  • You can find the Transit Lounger Level 3, the Aviation Relaxation area, a Transit Lounger, a Commercial Center and a relaxing canteen. Changi Terminal 1 is undoubtedly a full-fledged destination for all types of people. The Changi Airport Terminal 1 is situated on Airport Boulevard South.

Floor 1M is next to the Lobby 2 elevator and Floor 2 next to Burger King and the parking lot entrance. Some of the sights not to be missed during your visit to T1 include the Cacti Garden with more than 100 types of cactuses from all over the globe, the Sculptural Nursery, a giant tree-like statue or the Piazza Garden, where Singaporean folk and theme crops are shown according to the festivals and activities in Singapore.

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