Myanmar Airways Booking

Burma Airways Booking

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Dawei flight to Kawthaung with Myanmar Airways

From Kawthaung International Kawthaung International Airports you have to take a boat to Myeik if the speed boat is not available - find out about the special features of a Kawthaung-Dawei trip with Myanmar Airways! from Kawthaung to Myeik to Dawei speed boat? I' d gone to the cash desk every day and asked in the city, but nobody could tell me when the speed boat would leave for Myeik.

Finally I found out that the speed boat to Myeik was closed for an indefinite time because of the wet spee. I' m advised that it's not safe for a foreigner to walk through the jungles, so I chose not to press my fortune. Kawthaung's officers are kind! At least for Myanmar Airways there was no possibility for booking on line for aliens.

I' ve decided to go to Dawei for the $85 dollar alien friend- the local people are paying half. Cruising with 2 speed boats to Dawei would have cost around $67, beginning at 3am and most of the year. I have no set take-off hours - for my Myanmar Airways trip I was said from 9:00 to 10:00 or later.... ok then... All my Myanmar Airways depart in the mornings at about the same hour, one after the other.

Kawthaung International Airports - how nice! Had a motorbike cab to the airfield for 3,000 K yat / $3. 00 (2014). If you are entering, you will have to prepay 1,000 K yat / $1.00 exit taxes and go to check-in: Being a valuable alien, I had an accompanying person who took my luggage, informed me where and when I should go and when my plane departed, and was placed 3A.

When I went through immigration, I was sent away to make a copy of my residency permit and my visas - unlike at the Kawthaung frontier, this one I had to afford myself. There are no displays in the departures hall with the mysterious departures details: Other airline customers have embarkation sticker, unfortunately no sticker on Myanmar Air - but here is a printed card and on-board ticket:

On board Myanmar Airways the seating was broad and there was plenty of legres. Beautiful uniform for the Myanmar Airways cabin crew! Sweet uniform on Myanmar Airways! Plane time to Dawei was 10:15 a.m. and lasted 45 mins. I quickly picked up my rucksack and found myself a cab - or rather, the cabdriver.

At first I was given 5,000 kyats / $5.00 for a cab to Dawei center. So I got a whole tuk-tuk pick-up cab for 4,000 Kie. I' m willing to look into things in Dawei! Outside Dawei Airport you will find numerous means of public transportation!

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